20 Summer Struggles Every Girl Will Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

Summers are not the most liked season because of the problems it comes with. You step out of the house, and you are soaked in sweat from tip to toe. Humidity and pollution can ruin the look you had, and not to forget the sunburn tan. As the temperature rise and hit above 50, we all pray for mercy in the form of winters. Here are 20 summer struggles every girl will understand.

  1. Wearing bra

Going braless is not an option and then sweat and suffocation are hard to bear for our boobs.


  1. Wearing dark clothes

You cannot avoid sweat patches and by the way, your dark clothes will absorb more heat making you feel more sweat.

  1. The beautiful patterns from sun tan

Your sunscreen cannot protect you enough and you can see that on your arms and feet the most.

  1. Shaving and waxing regularly

And because it is the season of dresses, you got to do some shave and wax.


  1. Melting makeup

Waterproof makeup? What is that? It will melt in this scorching sun.

  1. Removing waterproof makeup

Okay, it is better that the sun helps us because we cannot do it on our own.

  1. Stinky smell

You enter the metro coach and you will be highly blessed with the variety of awful smells.


  1. The feet that look like sand art

Take off your sandals and see what pollution and heat do to your feet.

  1. Rubbing thighs

Wear short dress or skirt and have the shitty fun.

  1. Letting your hair loose

And facing the neck sweat


  1. And then your bun look

Because your hair bun can never look like what we see in the tutorials.

  1. Legs sticking to seat

Thank you sweat for being such great glue. And those ugly impressions on seat later.

  1. Frizz

Humidity does not help you look like the sex bomb you were looking in the mirror while dressing up.


  1. Waxing your pubes

It is difficult to deal with the forest you have after winters.

  1. Blow drying or straightening

Because the heat it produces can fry you.

  1. Period cramps

Isn’t it eww kind of feeling and those hot bottles seem much hotter.


  1. Mosquitos

Why do they love my blood so much that they cannot stop giving me hickeys?

  1. Excess oil on face

Try to remove it from your face without disturbing your makeup.

  1. Covering face

Because you cannot afford sun tan but you have to deal with heat because of the dupatta and ruining of your makeup and hair.

  1. Deodorants

Most of your salary is spend on your perfumes and deodorants.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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