12 Small Things Bae Do That Every Girl Loves!

By- Shreya Sharma

We do not always need big romantic gestures to melt us down, small gestures that guys do for us are enough to melt us down. These actions are mostly subconscious moves that express your man’s feelings towards you. Sometimes all we need are the sweet little gestures from the guy we love to sweep us off the floor. There gentle touch and cute notes are enough to make us fall head over heels with them. Guys need not spend plenty of money to show their love for us, little small things are enough to make us smile for days. Here are 12 small things bae do that every girl loves.

  1. Cute notes

Imagine coming home and finding a little note placed in your closet from someone you care about. The note can be simple or long thoughtful message; we will always appreciate the sentiments and efforts.


  1. He arranges your bed

A guy doing the household chores is hot and knowing that he made your bed shows how much they care for us and make our heart flutter with happiness.

  1. Posting your cute pics online

When your guy posts any picture of you, it makes your heart happy as it shows that he is not ashamed to be with you. He is proud to have you in his life. He thinks you are pretty and his fellow mates need to know that.

  1. Cuddling until you fall asleep

Mostly while sleeping, we all want our space, but if a guy holds you close it shows that he really likes you. It is comforting, intimate and enough to make you happy.


  1. Making plans

It is cute and major turn on when a guy makes plans. It shows that he cares about spending time with you and wants to do the proper research to have the best time with you.

  1. He smells good

A good-smelling guy is sexy and delicious. Sometimes your man’s natural smell is enough to drive you wild and crazy.

  1. Rubbing his hand over you

You know a soft touch by him can send current down your spine. We feel happy that he is exploring every inch of our body.


  1. Picking us up like a baby

It is super romantic for us. It shows his strength and makes us feel the adrenaline rush. It is one of the cutest ways of showing that your man is feeling you.

  1. He says nice things about you

To his friends or family, he has never bitched about you. All he knows is about how great a person you are and that is what his friends know too.

  1. Playing with your hair

The gentle and delicate way of playing with your hair that only he can do makes us feel so good. It says a lot about what he feels about us.


  1. Holding your hand

This PDA is something we all want.

  1. He touches your face while kissing

This is just so intimate. That touch is enough to spark and spice up your kiss. You are bound to remember this kiss with fondness.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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