7 Situations Girls Who Do Not Like Makeup Encounter!

Makeup is a girl’s best friend, said and heard. People make fun of the fact that girls do touch-ups and makeup to look good. Enough of jokes made and cracked. But there also exist girls who do not like make. 7 situations girls who do not like makeup encounter.

  1. Beta, At least put on some Kajal

When our mother or aunt ask us to at least apply kajal and we make those weird faces like “I am fine without it”. A woman may choose or not to wear make up to look good for herself. And if you are comfortable without makeup, why is the world so disturbed?

  1. Are you sick?

When someone asks “tabiyat sahi nhi hai kya?” or says “bahot kamzor lag rhi ho”. Although you don’t apply make-up almost daily, there will be still someone who will ask, “Are you not well today?”. It is annoying to re-assure others that you are really well and no, make-up is required to look or feel well.

  1. Gharwale allow nhi krte kya?

Your friends asking you to apply some makeup and when you deny, they ask you this stupid question “gharwale allow nhi krte kya?” thinking your parents to be conservative enough, to not allow you wearing makeup and so on.

  1. You will look more *beautiful* after makeup

The most lucrative way to tempt you to put on some makeup. People around you, especially girls say “tum aise hi itni sundar ho toh makeup kr k kitne sundar lgoge” or “tum makeup kr k Deepika padukone se bhi sundar lgoge”, like really??? You come across girls for whom makeup means beauty. They will tell you how makeup enhances one’s natural features and also asks you to put on some.

  1. When your friends talk about it and you are clueless

Your friends talking about different beauty products and brands and you sit their idle, clueless and innocent. And when it comes to you to present your views over certain beauty product, you have no other option than saying “I don’t know about it”.

  1. I cannot even imagine myself without makeup

That friend of yours who is chalta-firta comestic shop, for no reason says to you that “How can one live without makeup?” or “mai to makeup k bina reh hi nhi skti”. That feeling you get “maine pucha kya?” or “Everybody knows that!”. These makeup kids may forget their wallets at home but not the makeup kit. They keep on telling others how important makeup is for them. And asks “How do you manage without makeup?”

  1. You should learn to carry yourself

This is one piece of advice that most girls who don’t use makeup receive. Now a day, carrying yourself well not only includes dressing well but also application of makeup that compliments you.

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