#MenTalkies : 7 Things About Girls That Boys Find Irritating

Being opposite genders it is natural to fall for each other, we all do. We praise each other, spend time together and share things with each other. But there are things that we do not tell our girlfriends. One of them are the things about them that we are irritated about and this is every guy’s story. There are some particular things that guys cannot force themselves to like to. Following are some of the things about girls that guys get irritated with.

  1. Detailed story

Girls need to go in detail all the time. If they are to share a story, they have to share everything about it. There is nothing that is untold. Well guys on the other hand like things simple and short, as in that way it is easy for them to keep a track of the story and things in it. Going into a lot of details confuses them and they get bored as well, so this is something they are irritated of about girls.


  1. Funny nicknames

If you find yourself a girlfriend then it is obvious  that you will also find a funny nickname that she finds cute, but the real issue appears when she starts calling you by it in public. Guys always want to look manly in public, one who can take care of his girlfriend and stuffs like that, but his motive is distracted when a girl calls him by a funny nickname that does not go with the personality he tries to flamboyance outside.


  1. Pink and purple

It is not right to say that every girl falls for these two colours but most of them do, and guys hate that part. They like to see girls in pink and also like to compliment on them. What they get irritated with is the exaggeration of the colours. Few girls have a habit of exaggerating certain colours to a limit where you might think as if there is no other colour left in the world.


  1. Long hours of shopping

Guys nowadays understand that it is the birth right for a girl to do shopping, but the only problem with their shopping is that it takes way too long than we can ever imagine. Sometimes it takes hours for them to shop, and guys are just suppose to give them company in it. This is something that they won’t reveal before girls but they literally hate it.


  1. Bitching

Another thing about girls that guys get irritated with is bitching. When guys get angry with someone they curse the person a couple of times and then they are done. On the other hand few girls have a habit of bitching about every single thing that they hate about a person, from the nail paint to the kind of clothes they wear, from the place they live to the company they usually have.


  1. Asking guys about every detail

Knowing everything is a girl’s right but what they need to understand is that, wanting to know everything in detail is not necessary every single time. They need to understand that guys usually don’t pay attention to details and when asked about they get irritated with it.


  1. Talking about cute things

This is another thing that guys get irritated with. As mentioned earlier guys like to portrait themselves more manly, but when girl talk to them about cute things it disrupts their objectives. They will praise and play along with you for a while on their will but after sometime it starting bugging them up.


So these are few things that guys get irritated about girls, however they don’t always reveal in front of them.

Skadoosh guys!

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