These 15 Gifs Perfectly Describe How Your Period Feels Like!

By- Shreya Sharma

Women are the most beautiful creation of God and being a woman is great. But, still, there is one thing which every woman hates- the monthly visitors aka the PERIODS. It is something that can’t be avoided and is inevitable (Except for when you are pregnant). Periods are awful and the week itself is the much-hated one as you have to deal with weird emotions, pain and what not. The only support system is to know that you are not alone in this and that every woman has to go through this phase. Here are 15 GIFs that perfectly describes how your periods feels like.

  1. KNOCK KNOCK!!! I am Here!

Oh, it’s a beautiful day. Everything is just perfect. Wait!! What is this flowing in between my legs??? SHIT!!! Not Again…. The moment when you realize that your periods have finally arrived and the coming week is going to be one hell of a week.


  1. The Cramps

One of the worst physical side effects of having your period is the cramps. You will be going about your day normally when suddenly you feel as if someone is stabbing you in your uterus. Having cramps makes the time during period almost unbearable. But we still have to show up for work no matter how awful we feel. You go girl…. More power to you!!!


  1. Hey, Do you have a sanitary pad?

You are on your period, trying to act normally but suddenly you feel the heavy flow and you rush to the washroom. But wait!! Where is the sanitary pad I kept in my bag??? SHIT!!!!!! That’s where things get urgent and you begin to find yourself getting frantic. You need a PAD fast and that’s when you have to ask somebody if they have an extra PAD and trust me every one of us has been in this situation.


  1. Chocolate – the savior!

Women love Chocolates and if you are on periods then chocolate are something that can make you feel better. A piece of chocolate can instantly lite up your grumpy mood and you can feel your life getting better as the piece melts in your mouth.


  1. Am I Happy?? No, I am Sad….. The Confusing Emotions!

When a woman is chumming, her body goes through hormonal changes due to which the emotions become confusing at times. You will find yourself crying when you are happy and Laughing when you are sad. And they say it’s easy being a woman.


  1. Don’t Angry Me!

Well, the hormonal change not only plays with our emotions but makes us irritated and angry. Dare you to mess with me and you will see the worst of me! But then it’s not me, trust me, blame the periods for it.


  1. The Crime Scene In my Pants!

Periods are Gross. It leaves you feeling like your stomach is attacked and there is a crime scene in between your legs. You feel unclean and your body aches terribly. Thanks to Advil and other pain relief pills that helps us keep us going. Having your period is the worst, and feeling as though you just got murdered is just another beautiful indication that your period is sucking the life out of you!


  1. When you and your friend share the same dates!

You are best friends, share everything, every gossip then why not period dates. Yes, it happens. It is incredible that women’s periods sync up when they are together long enough. Knowing that you both are going through the same pain and agony is the only source of comfort amidst the worst time of the month.


  1. When you want to escape and hide away from everyone!

You are on your periods; you are in a vulnerable condition. Your hormones and emotions are torturing you and the world wants you to act normally and expect something or other from you. This is the time when you want to run away and hide yourself from the cruel world and be on your own.


  1. Drained and No energy Left!

You feel weak and drained as if no energy is left in your body. The tasks that you normally have no problem doing suddenly seem to be sucking all of your energy. All you want to do is sleep and hope it does something for you.


  1. Tired and Impatient!

Due to the fact that you have no energy, you will also begin to feel tired and when you are tired and did not get enough sleep, you will also find yourself becoming very impatient.


  1. When you can’t get Comfortable!

Sweat pants are the favorite wardrobe choice when you are on your period. Having that loose band of sweatpants can help, but the problem is that your body is not comfortable with the position in which you are sitting. Your body wants you to lie down on the bed, No, it wants you to sit on the couch with the pillows around you. No, actually now it wants you to walk. No…… aarrgggghhhh it happens.


  1. They Can’t Know this!

Trying not to let them know you are on your period, to avoid being stereotyped, is just another reason that periods suck! You might find yourself becoming impatient, angry or crazy but still, you won’t want people to know that you are on periods.


  1. Eat that All Phase!

Chocolate is great but that is just not enough. You crave to eat something sweet, then something spicy and then everything at once. As we are already weak, we need to eat more to get more energy. At least this is what we can tell ourselves when we get such food cravings.


  1. When it finally ends!

Yoooohoooooo!!!! Happy days are back again after a week full of pain and agony and torture and what not. You are a free bird again and can wear your most favorite white panties and that oh-so-sexy skirt.


Bye-Bye, until next time PERIODS!!!

Source –  GiphyTumblr

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