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12 Excuses To Turn Down The Guy You Are Not Interested In!

By- Shreya Sharma

When a guy asks you out and you do not want to date the guy, saying “No, thanks” will be a little odd and you look for various excuses to say no. Sometimes what you say may be true and sometimes it might be a white lie. But these excuses do not make the other person feel bad, does not portray you as a bad person and keeps the creep away. Here are 12 excuses to turn down the guy you are not interested in.

  1. “We are better as friends”

It is clear way to friend-zone someone. But it also shows that they are cool and you want them to stay in your life. Friend-zoning a guy is a way to tell them that they are awesome and dateable without being the one who has to date them.


  1. “I just ruin lives”

It is like a warning that your life will fall apart if you date us. It is like telling them that they made a bad choice and being with you will make his life difficult.

  1. “I have other things to deal with”

This gives an impression that you are working double shifts to earn your living. They will not ask further questions.

  1. “Right now, I just want to focus on myself”

It may sound cliché, but we all need personal space. If you want to focus your time and energy on yourself, then there is nothing wrong with that. Most guys understand this.


  1. “I am not into guys”

If some random guy is trying to hit on you, this is your perfect answer for them. They do not feel rejected this way and you will not have to deal with their creepy advancements as well.

  1. “I do not feel any spark”

This is hard but being honest. It is a simple way to say “I do not feel the same way for you”. It is a nice way to dodge the situation.

  1. “I just broke up with my long-term boyfriend”

This is a classic why to say “I am not ready”. You might have called things off months ago, but you can act like it is still affecting you or it might be affecting you even now. This is enough to tell them that you are already dealing with a broken heart.


  1. “I am not in the right space to date”

It could be that you are stressed in your life or you do not want love and affection in your life right now. It is the way to say that “I do not feel like dating right now”.

  1. “I am still not over my ex”

It instantly shuts everything. Instead of saying you do not feel the chemistry, blame it on your ex. It is a perfect excuse without looking like someone at fault.

  1. “I am too busy”

Your schedule is too tight to even eat on time, forget about roaming in town and falling in love. If a guy does not buy your excuse, make sure you are never available when they want to hang out with you.


  1. “You are awesome, but we are just not compatible”

Sometimes guys need a dose of truth. Sometimes all they need is a hard dose of the truth. This is what we always WANT to say but rarely ever do. It’s true that everyone is great in their own way and it’s also true that some people clash. This is a logical way of looking at the situation rather than saying I do not like you.

  1. “I value our friendship”

Tell the guy how much your friendship means to you. Convince them to see you as a friend rather than love interest. It makes for a pleasant conversation between friends.


Source –  Tumblr

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