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10 Things Girls Love To *Hear* From Their Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is difficult for the man to understand what we really want to hear. Men know that compliments work well on us, but it is hard for them to understand the right compliment that can set our mood right. We want our man to be sensitive enough while making a compliment and that should be genuine enough else it means nothing to us. Share it with your man, so that next time they know about how to please you. Here are 10 things girls love to hear from their boyfriend.

  1. “I love you”

Stop beating around the bush and tell us straight. If you love us, then tell us that you love us. It’s probably the best thing that we want to hear.


  1. “You are the first woman that I have loved in my life”

To easiest way to make us feel special is to tell us that we are the first woman in your life whom you have truly loved. But make sure it is genuine; else it will lose its effectiveness.

  1. “What do you think about it?”

We want our man to respect us. We want them to ask for our opinion and value our suggestions. It shows that you are willing to do the things that please us. Let us express our opinion and we will love you even more.

  1. “You are my best friend”

We want to feel that you like us, trust us and love us. We do not want you to take us with you everywhere, but we want you to incorporate us into your life and share things with us.


  1. We want to hear about “your feelings”

We want you to be honest with us and trust us enough to open up about your feelings. We want you to tell us about how much you love us or when you are scared. Sharing your feelings and emotions will bring us both closer together.

  1. “I love it when you do that”

We want our man to notice all the little things we do for them and want them to tell us if they appreciate our efforts. A little bit of appreciation can work great for our relationship.

  1. “You look gorgeous”

We want our man to notice us when we do something different with our hair or when we wear something new. We want them to compliment us and notice even slightest of change. We want our man to compliment us for all the efforts we put in to look good for you. It shows that you are still interested in us.


  1. “I want you to meet my friends”

It shows that you want us to be accepted by your friends and you want to add us into your life. It shows that you have no secrets to hide from us. We will feel ever more close to you.

  1. We want to hear ‘the truth’

We just want to hear the truth over the cooked-up-baseless stories. If you forget to buy us a birthday card, then tell us and say sorry. We will not be happy about the fact that you forgot, but we will be more miffed with your lies. So, tell us the truth.

  1. “I love your smile”

Tell us if you love our smile, our laugh or our eyes. We want our man to love us for not just the stereotypical parts of our body. We deserve to know that you love us for more than that.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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