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10 Stupid Myths People Believe About Marriage!

By- Shreya Sharma

Nowadays, no one can be ever sure of being together for life, and forever too sometimes mean just a few years. Many marriages do not last long. Some couples are excited about getting married and rush into things they are not really prepared for. Marriage has been overly romanticized and we cannot help but swoon over the marriage proposal and vows. We look at our social media account and find couples getting married. Marriage can be the beautiful thing if we let go of the myths related to it. Here are 10 stupid myths people believe about marriage.

  1. Being in a relationship for a long time means you should get married

When you are in a relationship for the longest of time, you believe that your time and efforts will result in marriage. The time period for which you have been in a relationship should not determine if you should get married or not. The quality of your relationship and willingness to be together should be taken into consideration.


  1. It makes your relationship better

Marriage will not disappear the issues in your relationship. Marriage will not settle down your issues about money, arguments and bad attitude. In marriage, the partner brings their assets and liabilities along with them, it is up to you if you want to take them or not. People change only when you allow them to change.

  1. It makes you happy

If you are unhappy, you will lead to an unhappy married life. Happiness should come within. If you find negative in everything, your marriage will not survive a long run. Do not burden your partner with unrealistic expectations. Your marriage will not cure your loneliness if you are not happy.

  1. If you are married you will not be lonely

Your marriage can give you companionship, but it will not eradicate your loneliness completely. An unfulfilling and dying marriage is worse than being single. Many people feel lonely even when they have a companion.


  1. Kids bring security to your relationship

It is a misconception that having kids will bring the couple closer. If one of you turns out to be immature to take the responsibility of parenthood, then having kids can ruin your relationship. When you do not have the harmonious relationship, it is hard to raise your children in a better environment.

  1. Your SO should be your best friend

You do not need to force your SO to be your best friend so that your marriage works. Your friendship might require a certain level of friendship, you can still confide in a friend who is not involved in your marriage. It is fine if you have a best friend who is not your spouse.

  1. Arguments will destroy things

No matter how well a couple gets along, there will be times when they cannot control argument. When married couples do not argue, they make emotional compromises which disturb the trust they share. Couples in healthy relationship argue and know how to solve the issue without going under the belt and how to forget it.


  1. It completes your life

Marriage is no magic to make you feel complete. This misconception even ruins your relationship if the expectation to feel complete is not fulfilled. Your spouse is not supposed to complete you, but he can support you in a quest to feel complete.

  1. Marriage is stress

It will, but only if you let it. Marriage may be difficult sometimes. There are millions of couples out there who find it so easy to enjoy being married because, from the start, they already know that despite the difficult times, they’re confident in their bond and in their ability to work through rough patches. The more you look at marriage as “work,” the more you will resent it, and the less you will be able to enjoy it.

  1. Sex after marriage is boring

Marriage is not the only thing to be blamed for boring sex life. Being busy and having kids can also play an important role. Sex requires efforts to keep things exciting.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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