8 Thoughts He Has When Clothes Comes Off!

By- Shreya Sharma

When it’s your time to get frisky with your guy, you are nervous about the thought of how he will react or what he will think seeing you sans clothes; how will he react seeing that scar or your thighs. But the truth is boys too have their insecurities. They know you are no super model. Here are thoughts that a guy has when clothes comes off.

  1. Confidence level

Boys are not concerned about your body tone and shape, they want you to be confident when it comes to baring it all. The way you carry yourself and your confidence level matters. They do not want you to shy and hide away. They love it when you drop your clothes with confidence.

  1. Being calm

When a guy knows he is going to get some action, millions of thoughts starts flooding in his head. He is so excited with the thought of getting intimate that he will be screaming at his loudest on the inside. But he knows his kid like behavior would turn you off and thus he has a mental note to calm himself down.

  1. Can I stare at her?

For this being the first time that you are going sans clothes, everything will be new to your guy. Men are quite visuals, so he will love to stare at you, but he will be hesitant to do that. He knows about your insecurities, so he thinks staring too long will make you feel un-comfortable.

  1. How do I look?

While you are worried about your appearance, he would be concerned about his looks. Men too have insecurities. He may be conscious about his muscles or tummy. He may not show it but he too is insecure and you can help him get over this insecurity by complimenting him.

  1. Paying attention to every detail

He might be imagining all your curves when you are with him or away. Now is the time that he will get the chance to see all the curves, moles and scars. He will be paying attention to every single detail about you. He will notice your tattoos which were hidden, the way you walk and think of all the fun he will have.

  1. Comparing the bare clothes you with the time when you have clothes on

There is a big difference between the way you look with and without clothes. With your clothes on you can be some other person but with your clothes off, you are revealing your true self. He may not be disappointed but he will certainly notice the changes.

  1. Your scent

Everybody has their own unique scent but prefer spraying your favorite perfume on. Men love the fragrance of a women, it kinds of turn them on. He will take a charge of you and also catching a whiff of your scent.

  1. Your chest

As soon as you take your clothes off, you man’s eyes will stick over there on your chest. There is something so fascinating about chest to guys. Your chest will be the first place his eyes will wander towards when the two of you are getting into action.

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