8 Different Stages Of Hangover!

We get high with our friends. We are so lost in this drink game that we do not even bother about how high we are and how much we have drink. These questions come into existence when we face hangover. Here are different stages of hangover we face once drunk.

  1. Parched Mouth Stage

You feel so thirsty by the time you wake up that you can drink all the water that exists on the planet earth.

  1. Dizziness, Nausea, Headache Stage

In this stage your body has lost all his powers which helped you to drink last night. Your body aches when you try to make your way around and walk. You also are in a denial mode that you had not even had this much to get this high.

  1. Guilt Stage

When you question why? Why did you have so much of drinks? What all you did that night. You try to find the clues and recover it.

  1. Hunger Stage

You are so hungry that you want to eat, eat and eat and repeat. You want to eat all the “Thanda dairy products” for your throat and then you and something substantial to satisfy your hunger. You eat till you feel satisfied.

  1. Again Hangover

Once you are done eating, you feel the hangover again. It strikes you back hard.

  1. Feeling Of Nausea

When you are back with your partial hangover, the nausea, dizziness, headache haunts you back.

  1. Need For Fresh Air

After all the drama it gives, now you need fresh air for your lungs. You collect all your energy and walk out to have the fresh air.

  1. Back To Normal

Now you are out of your hangover stage. You are back to your normal life where you wish to have some more of drinks or sleep.

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