20 Signs You Are The Monica Of Your Friend Group!

By- Shreya Sharma

Monica Geller is smart, savvy and she gets to work with food all day long. She gives us adult life goals. She is a control freak and has a newfound confidence. She likes things clean, arranged and dreams of being a bride like many of us. She can be hard to deal with, but she is selfless and a loving mother to her group. If you are the same case who loves her friends and they love you back, then it is for you. Here are 20 signs you are the Monica of your friend group.

  1. You are the one who always makes the plans

You wait for your friends to call and make arrangements and plans, but people in your group knows that if they wait for too long, you will come up with new plan keeping everyone’s schedule in mind.


  1. You are cleaning up things before people actually leave the party

It is not because you want people to go, it is because there is something that no one is using and you just cannot control your urge to clean that mess. You cannot stand the sight of the messed up room.

  1. Your friends are surprised when you loosen up

Even if you are obsessed with things, it does not mean you have a fun side too. People are surprised to see that fun side of yours.

  1. You are confused that your friends are not as excited about food as you are

They are excited about food, but that excitement does not match your excitement. You will not stop forcing them to eat what you cook.

  1. You make all your friends workout

You not only encourage them to exercise but also ask them to download health apps to see how to fit they all are. You care about their health and fitness.


  1. You love your awkward brother

And even your dorky guy friends too. You know you will love them anyway!

  1. The jokes are pointed on you

Everyone knows you can resist them and you will not crib about it. They feel a little too comfortable making fun of you.

  1. You secretly hate their drink games

You like to win. And you know you will not win when everybody is drunk enough to keep scores.

  1. You are blunt with your friends

You are not afraid to tell them that they are wrong or something is stuck between their teeth. You care for them aggressively and your friends do not mind when you turn a little bit too honest.

  1. You know you can handle parenthood

You are a pro at it because nothing surprises you anymore now. You have to take care of your friends as a kid and they can call you up at four in the morning or you have pulled out mystery objects out of their hair. You have seen it all.


  1. You love really hard

Sometimes you are over-enthusiastic because the things that matter to you should either be big or they can go back home. You love your friends and everything in your life.

  1. You cannot stop yourself from giving advice about everything

You feel you are almost always right. When you see a problem, you cannot help yourself from giving advice; you just want to solve it. Your friend just needs your shoulder to cry on, but in meantime, you are ready with an attack plan.

  1. You have to know everything going on

You just want to be a part if every secret. And you will get over it because you will find it out anyway.

  1. You like being in control

You value control more than anything and like to keep hold of things and take charge. You do not want anything or anybody to take over you. You get the job done more efficiently than anyone else.

  1. You keep everyone in touch

It does not matter to you how far everyone lives or how long it has been that people in your group talked, you are the one who keeps everyone in sync about the each other’s birthdays and big events. You know everyone’s good news and you are happy to spread it around.


  1. You do not like when people are mad at you

You have a constant need to please people; you cannot stand it if someone is mad at you. You do not like it when people are not pleased with you.

  1. You have traditional dreams

You have probably planned your fairytale wedding, since the time you knew what it is and might have already planned the name of your babies.

  1. You are super successful

You have worked it from bottom or ground level and have the caliber to absolutely kill it in your future. Hard work is the part of your life, and you definitely get the rewards from it.

  1. You have kissed a few frogs

You do not settle for less than you want or deserve. You have your priorities set, so you know who to keep around.

  1. You are the best partner ever

Though you do have your flaws, your partner knows that you will always be there for them, stand up for them, be honest with them, and love them to no end. You’re just a people person and are an all-around decent girl.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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