Should You Tell Him You Like Him? 12 Signs It’s About Time!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do you remember the times when we used to send our BFF to tell a guy about what we feel for them? We all must have that sweet weird memory from our school days. Even this used to appear to be one hard thing to do. But now, we are mature and adult enough to confess our feelings on our own. It is silly that we keep on hiding our emotions for someone. We protect our feelings because we fear rejection. But you just cannot hold it forever. You have to let your feelings out in order to calm your mind down and know if the other one too has the same feelings or not. Here are 12 signs that show it is the right time to tell him if you like him.

  1. The urge to tell them

You actually want to tell him that you like him. The thought of telling him might make you feel anxious and your heart might start pumping faster. You have that urge to tell him about your feelings though you still feel scared.


  1. Your instinct says he might feel the same

If you feel that there is a slightest of chance that he might reciprocate your feelings, then you got to tell him. If you feel he too might have the same feelings, then why to waste your time hiding your feelings.

  1. When he is around, your feelings get the better of you

If your feelings get the better of you and you just do not know how to act when he is around, then it is the time. You got to tell him about your feelings as it can turn you into something and even if things do not go your way, you will be free of this heart thumping feeling.

  1. You can be yourself with him

You might act weird when he comes near you, but if you feel that you can be truly yourself when he is around, you should tell him that you like him. Finding someone you like and can be yourself is a rare case to find.


  1. He is a part of your everyday life

It is hard to hide your feelings for someone who is always around you. If you see them on daily basis, you need to tell them. He might already know about this through your actions and there are chances that he is also into you.

  1. He will take you serious

It hurts more when you confess your deep feelings and they laugh it off taking it as a joke. If you feel that he will take your actions and words seriously, you got to tell him.

  1. Your friends support you

When you like someone, your friends probably know about this. And they will even tell you about what they think about you two being together. If your friends feel that you two will make a great match and support you, then it will be easy for you to share your feelings.


  1. Your future plans match

Blurting out your feeling to someone who has polar opposite life and future plans will not help and make much sense. If you both have similar future plans lined up, then you can tell him.

  1. You know him more than anyone else

If you know him more than anyone else, you should tell him about your feelings. You share important details about your life. And as you know him so much and still like him, then it means you like him for who he is.

  1. He is always on your mind

If he is always there on your mind and you cannot think of anything without him, then you should tell him that you like him.


  1. You feel like you might explode

Feeling like you can’t keep this secret inside any longer is an important indicator you should be spilling your guts to this person. If you’ve thought about it often and just can’t go another day without—go tell him!

  1. He is single

If he is single then why not give it a try. If you both are single, then you can share your feeling with him. If he is in a relationship, do not be the reason for his breakup.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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