14 Signs He Is All Prepared To Break Up With You… Sorry!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do you find some change in your boyfriend’s behavior? Does he not talk with you anymore? Is he is always busy with other things? Has he stopped tagging you in funny posts? Has he stopped making efforts to make you feel special? This can be his way to call for breakup in a disguised manner. He might be sending you clues that the things are over from his side. Well, before he comes up with ‘we need to talk’, you must look for the signs to be prepared in advance. Here are 14 signs he is all prepared to break up with you. Sorry!

  1. He has changed his looks

Have you noticed the change in his looks? Has he started hitting the gym more to get rid of the fat? Has he got a new haircut? Has he grown his beard? Has his dressing sense changed? These are little signs that he wants to change his life and you are no exception.


  1. No more of affection

Earlier you used to sleep cuddling, but now you cannot find any traces of your man nearby you. Earlier you used to have sex almost every day and now he does not even care about giving you a kiss. If there is the lack of affection, it might be because he is not interested in you.

  1. More of excuses

If he makes more and more excuses, then it might be because he is finding an excuse to step out of the relationship. He always makes excuses whenever you ask him to spend time with you or you ask him for date night. These excuses might mean that he is not into you now.

  1. He find reasons to fight

It seems like you are in a constant battlefield. Sit and think about the issues you fight at. And if you find that most of the fights are initiated by him, then it may be because he is finding a reason to break up with you. Maybe he is too frustrated in the relationship that he is looking a way out.


  1. His eyes wander

It is okay for the man to look at another woman even when he is taken, but if he stares at the other woman for the way too long that it makes you feel uncomfortable then probably it is because he is finding an escapade. It shows that he is looking for or maybe interested in someone else.

  1. He wants privacy

Does your boyfriend put his phone down as you enter the room or ask for privacy? Then it could be a sign that he is being unfaithful and wants to hide it from you. If he requires more privacy and his behavior is odd, then he might be hiding something that can even mean your exit from his life.

  1. He wants space from you

If your boyfriend spends more time away from you and tells you that he wants space, then it could be that he wants space from you and planning a way to dump you. He might say he is stressed and just need his space, but this can be the sign that he wants to be away from you.


  1. He is never around when you need him

Do you have to start a search mission to know about your man? He is being unavailable so much that you wonder that what is the point of being in a relationship with him?  If your man is not making efforts to be with you, then it is probably because he is not afraid to lose you.

  1. He is always annoyed

If you find him being annoyed always or if he tells you that you annoy him, then it can be because he does not care enough about you now. Earlier he accepted your flaws and now he finds them annoying. He does not care about your now and his annoying vibes can turn into arguments. He might wish to break up with you.

  1. He is always hanging out with his friends

Does your man cancel the plans with you just to be with his friends? Does he spend more time with his friends than you? Girl’s night out and boy’s night out is the important part of a relationship, but if he spends more time with his friends than it could be because he has lost his interest in you.


  1. He flirts with others

Some people are born flirts, but they should understand their boundaries. If he gets physical while flirting with others and he is willingly pushing the limits, then it is a clear sign that your relationship is about to end.

  1. He does not text back

There was a time when he used to text you always and every time, but now there is the lack of communication, he does not text back or text you in any manner, then it could be a sign that he is planning to break up with you.

  1. He wants to take ‘break’

Anytime a guy says he wants to take a break he really means he wants to break up, he’s just getting you prepared for an actual break up. Anytime you even hear the word “break” in a relationship that should be an immediate warning sign. When a guy says he thinks you should go on a break it’s so that he doesn’t have to hit you all at once with heart-wrenching news. He is probably hoping that during this so-called break you will just miraculously forget about him and move on and he won’t have to actually break up with you because he can’t face you and the pain that he is about to cause.

  1. He does not listen to you

Do you feel your man does not pay attention to what you say? Do you have to repeat things that you have told him earlier? But if he gets busy with his phone when you are talking, then it could be because he does not care enough for you and does not want to listen to you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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