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19 Things To NEVER Do If You Want Perfect Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sometimes, it is hard to understand what went wrong in your happy relationship that things have turned so messy all of a sudden. This change does not happen overnight, it is a slow process. To have a perfect relationship, you need to put in your efforts regularly rather than leaving it to fate, because it will only brew issues and changes that will pop up when you least expect them. Here are 19 things to never do if you want the perfect relationship.

  1. Do not talk about your private life in public

Never discuss your relationship problems and private life with outsiders. You may trust your friends and family, but not everyone can be your confidant, plus they will have the opinion over your matter which you may not like. The best way to deal with the problems in your relationship is to talk with each other and sort things out.


  1. Do not make comparisons

It is unfair to compare your partner with someone else or relationship with others. Every couple has a different equation, and so do you have. The comparison will only lead to insecurities and anxieties.

  1. No blame game

Your partner can contribute to your feelings, but they are not responsible for them. You are the only person responsible for your own feelings and emotions. So, instead of blaming your partner for your feelings, it is better you talk about it and resolve the issue.

  1. Do not be too serious

To be a happy couple, take life as it comes rather than creating a fuss over every little thing. Love, laugh and live your life happily. Even when the situation gets tough, look at the brighter side.


  1. Do not criticize

Do not criticize your partner at every opportunity as it will only create issues in your relationship. Rather than criticizing each other, work on the issues that bother you both.

  1. Do not assume on your partner’s behalf

Stop assuming about what your partner needs and wants. You might know your partner the best, still, it is better that you do not assume on his behalf. It is better to communicate rather than assuming. Talk about what you feels, what you desire for and what affects you to leave no scope for misunderstandings.

  1. Money should not be the reason

Money can cause the problem in strongest of the relationship. Address the financial issues as they pop up rather than holding them for later. To have a happy relationship, discuss your financial goals, status and make responsible decisions.


  1. Do not choose the bad time to talk

There is a good and bad time for every situation. Be a little wise to figure out which is the best time to talk and be a little playful and tease him. Picking up a bad time to talk about serious issues will only foster more misunderstandings and fights. So, when you have to talk about your feelings and communicate, it is better to ask him if this is the time he wants to talk.

  1. Do not be obsessed with your roles

Happy couples take on the task and do not obsess about gender specific roles. It is better to get things done when they are supposed to be done, rather than obsessing over whose job it is.

  1. Do not tell him what to do

Do not be the person who feels that they know the best for everyone around them. Let him make his own mistakes and learn from them. Encourage him, support him and motivate him to achieve the heights.


  1. Do not rush

Do not rush into the various stages of the relationship. Let things flow naturally at its own speed and time. Enjoy the journey to reach the happily ever after.

  1. Do not make your relationship your emotional support

Do not depend on your relationship to solve your problems. You are responsible for your life, so you have to deal with your problems on your own. You will have to fix your life and relationship on your own.

  1. Do not expect the relationship to be easy

Relationships are not easy. There will be lots of ups and downs and challenges that you will have to deal with. You need to learn from these changes and opportunities to grow together.


  1. Do not hold on to things

You might hold yourself from loving your partner completely, but you will lose out by not giving your 100% to the relationship. To be a happy couple, you need to be vulnerable with them. You need to give them a chance to hurt you, while trusting them enough that they never will.

  1. Do not have secrets

We all have secrets, but these should not bring problem in your relationship. Secrets can destroy your relationship. So, be very careful about what secrets you want to keep with your partner. Keeping secrets that affect your relationship is like lying to your partner.

  1. Do not hide your true self

To be a happy couple, you need to love each other for who and what they are, without any fear to hide your real identity. Do not feel that you need to change yourself for your partner because if they cannot love you for who you are, then things will not work out.


  1. Do not hold your past

You cannot change your past, no matter how hard you try. You may not like it, but accept that they too have the past as you do have and move on. Look for the future together, move forward and have a happy relationship.

  1. Do not be too affected by your partner’s flaws

Nobody is perfect; we all have imperfections and flaws. Focus on good things rather than the flaws.

  1. Do not expect anything in return

Although a relationship is a two-way street, sometimes you have to do nice things for your partner without expecting something in return from them. It will make them happy, which will, in turn, make you happy. If you focus on the ‘give’ part solely, then when the ‘take’ part comes along, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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