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15 Things To Do When You Feel Like You Are Going To Be Single Forever!

By- Shreya Sharma

Not everyone can attract pretty much everyone and have a romantically blessed life; some of us are doomed and go through a life of single forever. You could be single because you could not find someone you really like or because you do not know how to someone of your choice or who is compatible with you. Though being single is never s curse and you can be the leader of your life and can be independent like never before, but it is hard to love your single status when you are surrounded by couples. Here are 15 things to do when you feel like you are going single forever.

  1. A solo vacation

Being single gives you the freedom to take vacations anywhere and anytime you want. You will not have to bother about your partner being free or asking your partner if he is comfortable with you going to a solo vacation. This is your time to go to the place you always wanted to go and you never know, you might even meet your “the one and only”.


  1. Go out with your friends

Even if your friend’s man is accompanying you, you should go out. Do not turn down the invitation just because you are single. Isolating yourself will only make things worse.

  1. Live your life

Stop spending your time looking for your “the one and only”. Enjoy your life and live it being single, forget about finding your special someone, they will just walk into your life when it is destined to be.

  1. Take a new hobby

Pick up a new hobby so that your mind is occupied with something new and fun and you can forget about being single. Take any hobby that makes you feel excited like dancing, cooking, knitting or any other.


  1. Join a club

Sitting at home will only make you wonder as to why you are single. Step out and join any club, it could be a book club, painting club or any club. Get out and enjoy with other people and you will forget about being single.

  1. Practice interaction

If you feel jittery in interacting with new people, it can be one possible reason for you being single. Stand in front of the mirror or spend time with your friends and practice your interaction, so that you do not fumble up the next time you meet new people.

  1. Introduce yourself to people

You do not have to wait for that hot guy to come to you and start the interaction. You have to go out and introduce yourself to new people and you might find someone who will stay in your life.


  1. Do not be alone at home

Do not spend more than two days a week alone at home. This will make you feel lonely and lessen your chances of meeting people.

  1. No more worries

Stop thinking about being single all the time because it will only age you due to stress. There could be no major reason for you being single.

  1. Go to the bars alone

If you feel you will be single forever, it is the time you go out to the bars and clubs alone as it is an opportunity for you to meet new people that you would not have met otherwise because you are always surrounded by friends.


  1. Be happy

Those who think they will be single forever usually are not happy with their single life. Learn to love your single life before you find someone to share your life with. Enjoy being single before getting into something serious.

  1. Say no to stress

Stressing about being single will only make things worse because you might become desperate and end up being with someone you do not like.

  1. Spend your time with family

Being with your family will help you forget that you are single. Spend time with the people you love and it will fill the void space.


  1. Online dating app

If you are tired of being single, you can join any online dating app. This way you can meet new people easily.

  1. Adopt a pet

If you really want to fill the void of someone to cuddle with, take care of, and love, but you’re single, then a puppy! They’ll give you all the love and attention you need.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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