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10 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Arguing With Your Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

Usually, when we argue we say things that we repent later. We would never say such rude things otherwise. Anger takes a toll on us and we lose the peace of our mind. In every relationship, there are arguments and we cannot avoid them. But you can control how you fight and how you can end the argument. Remember winning is not important, the important part is to come back to the fun side of your relationship. Here are 10 things you should keep in mind when arguing with your boyfriend.

  1. Keep calm

Losing your temper will only make you say things that you will regret later. This will also make your boyfriend lose his temper and this will only make things difficult to resolve. Keep calm and put your point of view without shouting.


  1. Do not hurt him with words

When things get out of your control, you usually end up hurting and insulting one another. If you hurt your man with your words, the satisfaction will be short-lived and the words you said in the heat of the moment can be remembered for a long time.

  1. Say no to silent treatment

You cannot resolve your arguments if you are not talking to each other. The silent treatment is not going to work. This will only extend the fight and you both will feel bad. It is better to talk about the issue and clear things.

  1. Allow him to talk

There could be a reason for the things he did that made you angry. You got to give him a chance to explain. If you make the fight one-sided, he will stop trying to sort things out and give up. This will not sort out things between you two ever.


  1. Give him a chance to think

Sometimes we escalate a situation so much that a guy hardly has the time to breathe and think about what he might have done wrong. It is better to put your point of view across, and then give your man time to think about it. This way he will get his time to understand his mistake and give you a valid explanation.

  1. Do not bring in the past

Let the past be past. If you make the argument a reason to bring up the past issues, it will be hard to resolve issues. Do not use his past mistakes as a weapon to win the argument.

  1. Be logical

Men do not understand emotions, but they do understand logics. Use facts to make your arguments logical and he will have less to fight you back with. If you lose your temper and put in anything illogical, then it will turn the argument in his favor.


  1. Let him know how you feel

Let your boyfriend know how you feel or how upset you are. Tell him if he has hurt you or upset you. Most guys hate the thought that they have hurt you, and he will try to make you smile. If you show him anger, he will fight back.

  1. Tell him you do not want to argue

Tell him that this is one serious issue that needs discussing and that you do not want to argue. Tell him you do not want to fight, but just want to solve the problem. He will help you resolve the issue.

  1. Do not try to have the last word

When a fight has ended, let it go.  Trying to have the last word will only make the fight worse. If a compromise has been reached or an apology made, then there is no point in making the bad feelings last any longer than they need to.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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