7 Things Cold Weather Does To Your Hairs!

By- Shreya Sharma

So here comes the dull days of years when it is all dark and the sun starts to set earlier every day. It is all so cold with chilly breeze, fall in temperature that it not only affects your skin but also kill your hair. No matter how hard you try to keep them perfect, they are affected badly. Here are things cold weather does to your hair.

  1. Hair loss

Your hair is super dry in this weather and it is more likely to fall out. Even putting on a hat can make your hair fall. Keep your hair hydrated so that your hair remains healthy.

  1. Your hair will get dry

With the weather getting cold and dry, your hair too gets dry. The cold weather gets the moisture out of your hair making them dry; your hair losses its shine. Do deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair hydrated.

  1. Your hair color could fade

The brisk weather makes your hair follicles to expand which can cause breakage and color of your hair to fade faster. Make sure your hair is dry when stepping out in the cold or things will get worse.

  1. It will get static

With dry hair comes static that can make you look like alien. Keep your hair hydrated to prevent them from being electric charge.

  1. Your scalp might get oily

Your hair ends get dry whereas you wear hats it can build oil on your scalp. Protect your hair from oil buildup by covering your head in a silk scarf before putting it in a hat.

  1. The growth become slower

In winters your hair grows slower as you spend less time outside as compared to summers. If you want to grow your hair, it is time you spend more time in the sun.  

  1. Split ends become worse

With dry hair comes weak hair and that can cause an increase in split ends in your hair. To avoid split ends, it is better you trim them off every six weeks. If you want to grow your hair and not get your hair trimmed, so you can try some split ends treatment.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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