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7 Types Of Kisses Every Girl Has Dream Of At Least Once!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might have seen this kiss in a movie or TV show or thought of this kiss between you and your crush, but there got to be some kisses that we all love to have. Some are sweet, sappy while others are passionate and wild. You might prefer one or all of them, but there are certain kisses we all dream of and are thrilled to receive. Here are 7 types of kisses every girl has dreamed of at least once.

  1. Against wall

This can get wild and rough. This is the kiss that shows the passion. This is when your man wants you badly that he is not being able to control his urge to have you, so he pushes you against the wall with your consent and you lock your lips.


  1. Kiss while talking

You might not want someone to cut you off while talking, but the kiss to interrupt you is just super adorable. It is like you are in the middle of a sentence and he surprises you with a kiss. It can be simple or can even lead to a make out session. It is romantic if it is not just to shut you up.

  1. To comfort while crying

Sometimes you are in tears and need someone to comfort you. And mere words are not enough to calm you down. You need to feel protected. Being kissed when you have tears rolling down your face can make things seem little brighter.

  1. Kiss on forehead

This is the sweet way to show care and respect. It can happen when you are lying together in bed or you are holding hands in public. It is the sweet and simple exchange of affection.


  1. The unnoticed ones

It cute even when you do not know whether you have received one or not! When your man kisses your forehead or your hair when you are asleep, it shows that he cares for you. He kissed you because he wanted to, not to show off.

  1. Music in background

Whether you are kissing in the car or somewhere with music in the background, it makes you feel like being a part of a movie. The music will make you feel like it is just for you. You can even play a song that is related to your relationship. Every time you listen to this song, you will remember your kiss.

  1. Kiss while fighting

This is when you in the middle of fight suddenly start kissing. The sexual tension surpasses your argument. All the aggression and energy is channelized in making out.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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