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9 Sizzling Hot Foreplay Games To Get Night Started!

By- Jyoti Gupta

Foreplay has its own importance before sex; it builds a deeper lovely of understanding and makes you comfortable with one another. Plus directly getting into action without being hot and heavy breathed and turned on is never fun. Make it a must to have foreplay before sex and add up spice to your foreplay session with some sizzling hot games. Here are sizzling hot foreplay games to get the night started.

  1. Utter silence

In this game, one of you lies blindfolded on the bed while the other one is allowed to do anything they want to do. Set a timer for sharp 10 minutes. The blindfolded partner is not allowed to make any kind of sound while the other partner has to try to make their moan by doing sexy things.


  1. Sexy Simon says

This is one fun game as someone becomes the Simon and tells their partner what to do to them. For example “Simon says kiss my neck” and anything, who ever does something without hearing a “Simon says”, loses the game and has to give massage the winner.

  1. Kinky Cards

Use a whole deck of cards or limit the deck to only a few cards of each suit. Write descriptions for all the number and suits. Each suit will be a different means of touching your partner. You can label these as hands, lips, tongue, etc. Each number in the suit will be a different body part. So when your partner draws a card they have to either touch, lick, or kiss you on whatever body part the number of that suit says to.


  1. Strip poker

You need to know how to play poker and should be comfortable removing clothes. The objective of this game is to win and your partner will be completely naked by the end.  When you see your partner slowly stripping off the clothes, you will be sex ready. And the loser will have to do whatever the winner wants them to do.

  1. First, one to break

You have to take turns pleasing each other. And the first one to ask for sex is the loser. The rules to play this game is that your underwear has to stay on and no oral. Whoever asks for sex or oral first lose.


  1. Role playing

 We all have the certain fantasy in our mind. It is time to work on that fantasy character. The rule is NEVER to break character. You have to be in your role and whoever gets out of the role, loses and the winner will get to decide the position for sex.

  1. Time bomb

Set a timer for 20 minutes or so. The two of you will do whatever you want to the other person with the goal of making them actually climax within that 20-minute time frame. It is all about pure pleasure and gearing you up for sex by making sure the foreplay actually happens beforehand.


  1. Massage oil madness

 Lay a couple of towels on the bed or couch where ever you want to have the fun. Get some deliciously smelling oil and lube one another well. Massage each other anywhere you want to except for the genitals. You can massage near them but cannot touch them. This is a perfect way to relax and create anticipation for sex.

  1. Sexy truth or dare

Play truth or dare with your partner. If they say truth, ask them about all of their dirty fantasies to make them get all hot and horny. But if they choose dare, you have the ability to make them do whatever you want them to do to you. Like you can dare them that they have 5 minutes time to do whatever they want to do with them right now. This game gets risky, but it can also bring the two of you closer together as a couple.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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