8 Piece Of ‘SEX’ Advice You Should Totally IGNORE!

By- Shreya Sharma

We are surrounded by super-talented and experienced people who are ready to give us Free-ka-advice at any stage of our life. Those advices could be related to anything, what to eat, how to walk, how to talk, what to do and what not to do. And we have only option, that is, “let them speak”. Here are piece of advice you should totally ignore.

  1. If you love someone, you are compelled to change

If someone loves you, they will accept you the way you are. And thus, you need not to change and become something that you actually are not.

  1. If you have sex on first date, he will not respect you

Waiting for sex does not make your relationship any stronger or weaker, it depends on the person you are with. No one has the right to make you ashamed of your choice. You can have sex when you want.

  1. Sex is a duty

No. Sex is an awesome bonding experience. If you do not feel like doing it, do not do it.

  1. Do not make the first move

No, you should initiate if you want to. The other person can be clueless about what you want.

  1. Use your teeth when you go down on him

Do not, unless he asks you to! It can be very uncomfortable, even if the magazines say just to gently nibble.

  1. That you should wax down there before sex

This one personal choice, some prefer to get waxed, some to trim and others do not do anything.

  1. Sex without condom feels much more better!

Indeed it does feel better, but please ignore it unless you are happily committed and want to have babies. Sex with condom too can be a lifetime experience.

  1. Shower sex is super exciting

It is complicated as you can slip or bump into things. And there are other problems as well like height difference, hair stuck to your face etc.

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