12 Weird Things That Might Have Happen To Your Body Is Completely NORMAL!

By- Shreya Sharma

Bodies are weird and different. With puberty striking, we all wonder as to how some things just change. We get hair at some body parts, our breasts are different and we do not know how and when we get the pain over where. Our body is constantly doing something different. Those strange things do not happen only to you but there are many more who gets to witness the same. These discomforts are embarrassing and thus we do not share it with anyone else.  Here are 12 weird things that might have happen to your body is completely normal.

  1. The thin line under belly button

There are chances that you may have a thin line under belly button if you do not have a flat stomach. It is part of having extra skin or fat which has nothing wrong with it.


  1. Your nipples get hard at random situations

They do not only get hard when you are turned on or cold because your nipples are erectile organs which expand or get hard while blood fills them. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. When you sneeze, there is a sudden hike in blood pressure, which makes your nipples hard.

  1. Your labia are different size

Labia do not look the same, and it is totally normal to have different sizes there. It is normal and common, nothing to worry about.

  1. Clear liquid comes out of your nipples

Nipple discharge is totally normal. It can happen when the nipples are squeezed or compressed. If you want, you may consult a doctor but it is completely fine.


  1. Your fart goes through your vagina

We all have felt that weird bubble-like feeling going through our vagina instead of butt. You can sometimes squeeze it out the way and no, it is not queef.

  1. The story of mismatched areolas

All breasts are not equal. All women have one breast that is larger than the other one, nipple size can differ and color too can differ. It is normal.

  1. Boobs get itchy before period

Your body goes through a lot the day before your period and goes with different sensations. There is a lot going on with your hormones during this time of your month and this might make your boobs get a little itchy.


  1. Little bumps on your nipples

These little bumps on your nipples are called Montgomery glands which secrete oil that helps in lubricating the areolas.

  1. Stabbing pain in your boobs

This happens during menstruation as your breasts are super sensitive around that time of the month. If it is happening around other time of the month, then it could be in any joint or muscle in your breast area. If it happens constantly, then you should consult a doctor.

  1. Your boob sweat bleaches your bra

Boob sweat is something that happens with everyone, and sometimes it may even leave a mark like other sweats. It can leave a discoloration mark in its path.


  1. Mouth sores before period

PMS is not just about bloating, cramping, headaches; it is also about mouth sores. The hormonal changes lead to oral changes as well. This can lead to mouth sores, swollen and/or sore gums, and even bleeding.

  1. Holding your period

Controlling your blood flow is actually crazy. So if it is happening to you, you might want to consult a doctor.


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