10 Mistakes Women Usually Make In Relationships!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is difficult to find out what is going to work in your relationship, or what just went wrong. You know things are not fine in your relationship, but you do not know what actually the problem is. It is difficult to view your relationship because you can only think from your point of view. There are many mistakes that you make in your relationship. Here are 10 mistakes women usually make in the relationship.

  1. Being clingy and needy

Your man needs a romantic partner; do not get him to solve your all problems. Do not take your relationship as a way to deal with your past emotional issues. He is not your therapist.


  1. Being emotionally unavailable

To have the strong and healthy relationship, it is important to you and your partner to connect on a deep and emotional level. Do not keep your guards too high that it is hard for your man to understand and connect with you. Do not let him feel that he will never be able to connect with you because this will make him give up on you.

  1. Too much of sarcasm

Though it can add to your sense of humor and lighten up the mood, but too much of it or using it at inappropriate times can make your man feel insecure. This can make him feel that you do not like him enough.

  1. Lies

Trust is important in any relationship. Men are strong, but they are not immune to the heartache that your lie will cause. Do not lie to him, so that he trusts you and you have a strong relationship.


  1. Being unreliable

If you are unreliable and he can never depend on you, this can be a trouble for your relationship. This can put the strain on your relationship.

  1. Being messy

Being messy and living a messed up life can turn off your man as he will think off how messed up his life would be if he ends up being with you. Throw away the junk and clean the mess.

  1. Too much of parties

It can be a concern for your man if you are a complete party person, who gets wasted at every party and end up puking in the bathroom. He will be concerned about your health.


  1. Forcing your man to get along with your people

You need to accept your man for who he is because he will not change his personality to win over your friends or family. Do not force him to get along with everyone, ask him to be civil with the ones he cannot get along with.

  1. Ignore

If you do not pay enough attention to your man, it can be a problem for your relationship. You need to meet his emotional and physical needs; else he will start to consider the other options.

  1. Lack of communication

If you are someone who is incapable of communicating in a healthy way or apologizing for your actions, this can be something that really bothers your boyfriend. So don’t forget to communicate properly in order to help solve your problems.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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