7 Hair removal mistakes you need to STOP making right now!

Every girl wants to have soft and beautiful skin; hair removal can help us get desired smooth skin. We try shaving, waxing and every method possible on this planet earth to get rid of unwanted body hair. Let’s look at the most common hair removal mistakes we need to stop making right now.

  1. Dull blade shaving

Shaving your legs with dull razor can cause an after shave redness and bumps. It will also not provide the close and smooth shave you desire. Make sure to replace your blade, at least, after 4 uses or better to throw your razor after every shave.

  1. Chemical products before waxing

Avoid using chemical products, at least, one week before waxing, because it makes your skin too sensitive and vulnerable. Harsh waxing can thus ripe off top layers of your skin along with hair.

  1. Ingrown hair

It can appear after shaving or waxing. Make sure to exfoliate your skin because it cures from ingrown hair. Or you can rub the area of ingrown hair with scrub, it will you get rid of dead cells, preventing ingrown hair from appearing

  1. Shaving against hair growth

Always shave in the same direction, as your hair is growing. It prevents you from ingrown hair, razor burns and bumps. For underarms, you can shave in two directions, up and down, as the hair growth over there is quite erratic.

  1. Shaving dry skin

Never shave dry skin as it can lead to razor burns, cuts, ingrown hair and irritations. Wet your skin with warm water prior to shaving, it will soften your skin for more clean shave.

  1. Opting for hair removal creams

Hair removal creams are more harmful than helpful. It contains lot of chemicals which could cause skin problems like irritation and allergic reactions. It even smells awful.

  1. Forgetting to moisturise

After each shaving session, one must moisturise their skin. Use alcohol-free lotions over regions you have shaved, except underarms and your bikini area as these are too sensitive after shaving, even for the mildest lotions.

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