7 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend’s Mom To Like You!

By- Shreya Sharma

Meeting a guy’s mother for the first time is one spine-chilling experience. We all have a notion in our mind that she is sure not going to like us because of course, they have some expectations about the girl they want for their little boy. We wonder whether she will like us or not. Talking with her on call or meet her in person, there is nothing that can lessen the horror, no wonder how much breath in, breath out we do. Here are 7 ways to get your boyfriend’s mom to be like you.

  1. Encourage the relationship between your boyfriend and his mother

Remind your guy to call his mom, reply her texts and keep her updated with what is going on. If it frustrates you, it would irritate his mom even more. If you put in efforts to make their relationship better, she will love your gesture. And she will count on you if she cannot connect with him.


  1. Tell her you are here to stay

Do not just go and say it, show it with your gestures. And with the time, show her that you are not with his little boy just for the sake of having a boyfriend, but because you are here to stay. Be upfront about your expectations from the relationship and about the future you want with him to your man’s mom. When she will know that you are here for long, she will develop a relationship with you.

  1. Keep the arguments away from the family

Every relationship has bad days and fights. If your man’s mom constantly sees you two fighting, she will think you are not a good fit for his son.  Show her how happy you two are together. His mom would never put him into a stressful relationship, keep this in mind.

  1. Always be respectful towards her

Treat your man’s mother like your own mom. Things may be difficult at times, but always remember whom you are dealing with. She is protective about her little boy and would do anything for him. She has raised him into the being you love now.


  1. Be yourself

Be real and genuine with her, instead of acting something she would like. You might have a different opinion about politics, religion or family style, but is better, to be honest, and open rather than lying. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect. She might probably like you less if you try to act like Miss Perfection. Let her see you for who you are.

  1. Earn her love

To get your man’s mom love you, work for it. Put your best efforts and show up. Prove that you are the right girl for her son and her family.

  1. Talk with her like a person, not the mom

Talk to her about her relationship and laugh about the similarities your man and his father has. This will be comforting and bring you both close to one another. Make her feel like a part of your life. She too had been in your age, so she can understand things if you wish to share with her.


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