10 Little Things You Do That Guys Notice Even If They Don’t Say It!

By- Shreya Sharma

Communication is the basic foundation of any successful relationship. If you are unhappy about any aspect of your relationship, it is better to sit down and talk about it with your partner in a respectful manner. And if things are going great and positive, even then it is necessary to talk about it and appreciate the way you two are working on your relationship. Words can save your relationship, but sometimes guys do notice your efforts that are important but do not say anything about them. Men observe things but lack words to express what they feel. Here are 10 little things you do that guys notice even if they do not say it.

  1. Playing with kids

Guys notice you playing kids and appreciate the fact that you mesh well with kids. It gives them a mental image of having kids which can be the nightmare for them especially when they are not ready to have kids. Guys love to watch your motherly and nurturing side.


  1. Putting makeup early in the morning

Your man knows that by the time you went to sleep your makeup was smudged all over your face, so waking up without those smudged makeup makes no sense. So, you need not put on makeup before your man wakes up because they know no one wakes up looking perfect. They love you even in your morning look.

  1. You watch sports to talk with them

If you are the one who hates sports, yet you are trying your best to take interest in sports so as to impress your man, your man is going to notice it and appreciate you for this. They appreciate your willingness to take the new interest so that you can talk to them about it.

  1. Wearing guy’s cloth

They notice when you steal their hoodies and shirts but they do not mind it. They find you cute in their clothes and you look even better in your man’s clothes. They sometimes intentionally place their clothes on the bed, so that you can steal them even when they know they will never get them back.


  1. When you snore while sleeping

You might not know, but your man knows that you snore lightly but they do not say anything about it. But if it hinders your man’s sleep, he will tell you for sure.

  1. When you act independently

Your man knows and loves you for being independent but they know everyone needs help at times and so do you. they know you can solve every problem, but when you crack, they may not say anything because they respect the standards you have set for yourself and they know you will reach your goal.

  1. The streak of jealousy

You might not be the jealous person; still, you get a little jealous when your man shows attention to other woman and your man notices it. You need not feel insecure if a man appreciates any other woman because it will never affect the way he feels for you. Plus, guys like it when you get jealous because it shows that you care.


  1. When you are scared of his mom

They know you are scared of his mom, they too feel the same. He notices that even after this you make efforts to get close to his family and this shows that you are serious about your relationship and people in your life.

  1. When you wear something for your man

When a guy compliments you about something they actually mean it. So when you listen to his feedbacks and wear something for your man, it shows them that you really care about pleasing them. Your man will notice those efforts for sure but might not say anything about it.

  1. When you try to get along with his friends

Your man knows how difficult his friends are and even then you try to bond with them to make your man happy. They will notice it and appreciate your efforts, though they might not say anything about it. He knows you can ask him to stay away from his friends but he loves the fact that you care about his life outside relationship as well.


Source –  Tumblr

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