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8 Common Fantasies That Almost Every Guy Have!

By- Kumar Tirthankar

We all have some kind of fantasy or the other. It is our deepest secret that we share only with our friends or with a close one. Sometimes we do not even share them with anyone else, we just keep it to use and keep them imagining whenever we have a spare time. Here are some of the things that men primarily fantasize about.

  1. Being rich

Every man at some point in his life fantasizes about being rich. He imagines living in a big bungalow, having all the comforts of life, enjoying all the pleasures he can possibly imagine. He will fantasize having several servants who will care for him at every part of the day. There would be hardly anything he will be using his hand too.


  1. Expensive car

An expensive car is every man’s childhood dream that continues to his adulthood. He is always thinking about buying some or the other sports or expensive car, that he can roam around with and make other people feel jealous about it. Sometimes the fantasy maybe for cars instead of just a car. Some men fantasize about owning all kinds of expensive cars available in the world.

  1. Bossing his own boss

Now, this is something every man will agree to. Be it any country or any part of the world a man always fantasizes about bossing his own boss. He always imagines about how would he treat his boss if someday he is promoted above him/her.

  1. Dating a girl whom everybody wants to date

Now, this fantasy is usually to comfort a man’s ego. He usually imagines to date a smart and beautiful girl who chooses him over all the other men who wants to date her. This is a particular fantasy that almost every man thinks about in order to pamper their own ego.

  1. Sex with a superstar

This is every man’s hidden fantasy since the time he is aware of the term SEX. All men fall for some or the other superstar at some point of time in his adolescence. He imagines himself to be the man of her life and also fantasize to love her every second. This might be shocking to women but every man has this fantasy and they will continue to have it as it is in their behavior.

  1. Dating the teacher or the lecturer

Men become men when they realize what is the thing between their pants really for. That happens when he hits adolescence and the first person he falls for is the teacher or the professor fo the class. Now, this is not new and has been happening since long before you and I were even born. This is kind of a ritual that takes place with every generation and never breaks its trail.

  1. Dating friend’s girlfriend

You must be thinking how much more weird can a man’s dating fantasy be. Yup, it gets weirder and weirder. Now if a man sees his friend having a hot girlfriend he will wish to date her too and will keep wishing until he gets her. Even if he has a girlfriend of his own he will still want to date his friend’s girlfriend.

  1. Trying whatever shown in porn

Now watching porn is counted among the normal things nowadays. Nobody gets a heart attack after listening that your watch porn or have watched it at some point in time, except your parents. But every man after watching porn wish to try them in real life with his partner.


Source –  Tumblr

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