15 Weird Things You Notice When You Touch Yourself!

By- Shreya Sharma

The way change is the only constant, distraction too can be added to this category. Distraction is something that can happen at the most random and ridiculous times. Remember all the times when you have some strange song in your mind while you are writing some serious exam. Not only just then, you are distracted when you are masturbating. It can be your phone beeping or being too alert to know if your parents are back home and then your mind is too good to distract you. You might be in the middle of the act and then your mind reminds you to remember that Parliamentary Proceedings Act you read in your law class. Or you might even click an idea about how to surprise your best friend or what to do for that creative advertising campaign. Here are 15 weird things you notice when you touch yourself.

  1. The sound of your vibrator

This is so loud, people can hear this. People will get to know.


  1. How your fingertips feel

You will sense all the wrinkles on your fingers that you get after the shower.

  1. The torn piece at the root of your fingernail

Oww! It hurts

  1. Every single sound in the house

Oh shit! Is someone coming here?


  1. The sound that rubbing makes

No man! Friction is not silent at all.

  1. When your legs start seizing

Okay, Time to switch the position.

  1. Everything in your room that can please you

The corner of the bed, the pillow, and everything seems so good.


  1. It is cold down there

Is there something that I have never noticed?

  1. Tingling in your wrist

Okay, you need to stop masturbating at an awkward angle.

  1. The sound from your mattress

Sshhhhh. Do not make so much noise, please!


  1. The random hair down there

Please do not disturb me by twisting around my finger.

  1. The length and shape of your nails

Keep your nails short and less pointed.

  1. Your urge to go to the bathroom

Ohh please, just a few more seconds, I am almost there near the pot.


  1. The back aches

I should put a pillow under there.

  1. How your face is getting red and hot

Is it hot today or is it just me who is feeling this?


Source – GiphyTumblr

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