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9 Things I’d Rather Do Than Getting Married And Having Kids!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your Facebook feeds would be filled with the updates of your friends getting engaged and married and having kids and you will be wondering what is so wrong with them that they are getting married and having kids even it is just mid-twenties. You are confused if you are going the wrong way or if your friends have lost their track of life. Well, here are 9 things I would rather do than getting married and having kids.

  1. Going on an adventurous tour

This is the time to travel the world and push my limits with some crazy adventures. Having a husband is nice, but having the freedom to pack your bag and book your tickets is the adventurous rush that marriage cannot give. When you are committed you have to make the decisions together, when you are single you make your own decisions.


  1. Working to build my empire

For me, it is important to build my own business and career before getting married, even if for that I have to work extra time now. I will have to put in more of efforts to start a company or to work for promotion. I will take the major aspects of my life one by one.

  1. Speaking at conferences

Promoting entrepreneurship among woman is a great initiative that I wish to participate in. I want to travel the world and give speeches on self-motivation rather than getting married. I want to inspire people.

  1. Hitting music festivals

When you are married and have kids, it is hard to hit the music festivals and concerts worrying that you have kids at home. This is the time to live your life as a kid without holding back.


  1. Being broke and recovering

Being broke when you are single is easy because you have the time to work hard and recover. But when you are married, spending all the money and leaving with nothing at the end to feed your kids is a big crisis. Being married and having kids is a big responsibility and you cannot afford to live your life on the edge.

  1. The freedom to make mistakes

This is the age when I can make mistakes and learn from them. When you are married, you cannot afford to make mistakes as they can ruin your family life. Your mistakes affect more than just you.

  1. Saying yes to random things

This is the time when I can afford to take the risk and say yes to the random opportunities. If I am married, I cannot drop everything to do something random.


  1. Going according to the mood

I am free and independent, so I can go wherever I want to in search of my job and life. When you are married and you have kids, you are bowed down with so many responsibilities that you cannot afford to go wherever your mood takes.

  1. Being with my BFFs

It is a personal choice to be single or get married. Some of my friends may choose to marry. Whatever they choose wouldn’t make me respect or value them less. Single or married, I will accept their decisions and support them.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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