15 Things You Start Doing When You Start Going To Your Office Job!

By- Shreya Sharma

First job or it’s been a while doing a job, there are some things we start doing and learn when we are into our job life. We have to wake up early; we have to make a balance between, work, family, and friends. We have to manage social life among friends and office buddies, our healthy diet is disturbed and we have to deal with so much of office politics. Here are 15 things you start doing when you start going to your office job.

  1. Saying “thank you” for no reason

You sign your emails with this or even use it when a person is acting as an obstacle to getting the things done. You have become habitual of thanking people who are just acting like an asshole.


  1. You obsess over lunch

The lunch which was once not even a matter of concern, is now somethings you obsess about and desperately wait for. You wait for the clock to strike your lunch time so that you can go free and have some gossips.

  1. Working on multiple tabs

One is for work, other is for projects and a few are for your social networking accounts. You just switch between your tabs according to your mood.

  1. You start treating sleep as one scarce resource

You have to wake up early every morning and rush to the office, no wonder when you go to sleep which is sure to make you feel tired. You are going to feel sleepy throughout the day and will just wish to have a nap. Closing your eyes for a minute or two is enough to send you to sleep. You feel sleep deprived and look for holidays in your calendar to sleep.


  1. You are stuck in between coffee and bathroom

You have become so habitual of tea or coffee because they help you feel awake in those boring hours, that your bladder cannot manage the overload and makes you rush towards the washroom.

  1. You either eat constantly or rarely

Sometimes you are just busy eating and eating and eating that you eat throughout the day and sometimes you are so busy with work that you barely get time to eat.

  1. Confused between the line of friends and coworker

You get to spend most of the time with your coworkers or people in your cubicle that you, that you get caught up while discussing the story of your coworker with your ‘real life’ friend. You are actually confused what to call the person who sits two desks away from you and you have fun together.


  1. You use acronyms in your real life as well

Your life is so used to these acronyms that you use them here and there by mistake, making others wonder what that means.

  1. You practice not to talk about work after work hours

Going out with your coworker for a part after office turns into talking about job, office or office problems and projects. You try to learn to stop obsessing about office and work.

  1. Getting excited about free food

There are birthdays and parties and you know you just get to eat so much for free. And those days, when someone brings in your favorite food and you meet them twice or thrice before lunch, without making it an obvious effort to get their lunch, adds to the excitement.


  1. Mastering the art of non-dancing

Sometimes while working, you prefer listening to songs and you just play your playlist and then there are some songs you just cannot resist dancing, this is when you have to control yourself and master the art of non-dancing in the office premises.

  1. Developing playlist for different moods

The music you listen while being at your desk changes your mood drastically. And sometimes when you just start your day with those low, sad songs, it is difficult for you to deal with those morning emails and projects.

  1. Eating at your desk

It is something you just cannot avoid, thanks to all the birthdays and parties and promotions and what not.


  1. You become familiar with happy hours

You are the one who had no clue about what happy hour is, is now well versed with every happy hour and special food of restaurants and shops nearby your office area.

  1. You respect the shows and movies about office life

Earlier those were boring and baseless, now they mean a lot to you, you can relate to them and you laugh at their silly jokes as well.


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