17 Little Ways To Make A Guy Feel Loved!

By- Shreya Sharma

The way we want to feel the love and affection, same way men too crave for love. They will not say it to you, but they want you to show your love for him, not just in words but with actions too. Every man feels and receives love in different ways, so you need to understand your man before showering your gestures of love on him. Here are 17 little ways to make a guy feel loved.

  1. Cook for him

Make a list of food items he loves and craves to eat and make one of them for him. He will love your efforts.


  1. Take care of yourself

Eat right, exercise, look good and feel your best. Take care of yourself emotionally and physically and love where you are at your life right now. When you are happy and healthy, your man will feel loved.

  1. Savings

Save money even if your both are earning. Appreciate your man’s efforts for all he does for you and your family.

  1. Kiss him

Kiss your man randomly and run your fingers through his hair. Give him hugs and back rubs. He will love this gesture of affection.


  1. Do not bad mouth him

Be loyal to your man in every manner and do not talk bad about him.

  1. Let him have alone time

Let him have his alone time and do whatever he wants to do in that time; be it being with friends, hitting the gym or spending time alone. Plan a day away for him so that he can refresh and relax.

  1. Be a part of his hobbies

Make his hobbies your own. Pick up one of his hobbies and get into it. Have your own hobbies but show interest in his hobbies as well. You will have more common interest and issues to talk about.


  1. Notice his efforts

You need not nag always about the bad he does. Notice the good things he does and compliment and appreciates him. Thank him if he takes out the garbage or for any sort of effort.

  1. A letter

Write him a letter, leave him a note or send him a text to show him your love and appreciate him. This will motivate him and make him feel loved. Show him that you care and think about him.

  1. Intimate sex

Show him you want him and need him as much as he wants you. Initiate things or go playful and romantic while having sex.


  1. A date for you two

Kidnap him and take him on a date. Let him sleep, give him the massage and let him have the breakfast in bed. Or you can plan a surprise getaway for the two of you. Make him feel special the whole day and he will feel loved.

  1. Honor your roles

We have to play roles in and out of the house. So, honor the roles, even if it means doing half of the chores or picking up the things he needs for his work.

  1. Compliment him

The way you like compliments, the same way your man does. Compliment him on his appearance, humor, intelligence or any other quality. He needs to know that you are still attracted towards him.


  1. Compliment him in front of others

Brag about him in front of his or your friends and family. Let people know how great a person he is, but do not go overboard.

  1. Surprise him

Surprise him with gifts or gadgets he has been waiting to buy. Buy him a gift or serve him in monetary ways, he will feel loved and grateful.

  1. Ask for his advice and follow them

Guys like to fix things, and they often have wise (and realistic) insight into ways of overcoming challenges and problems. Show your man that you love him by asking advice and then thanking him later. He’ll really appreciate it because he’ll know you care about what he thinks and will take his advice to heart.

  1. Say sorry

When you feel you have hurt him or said something rude, you should be quick to say sorry to him, be humble and he will feel loved and respected.


Source – Giphy,  Tumblr

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