11 Things that shows you cannot live without your best friend

Best friends are the base of your life and they would never ever leave you even if you are mad at them. Because they understand one thing that your anger is also a reflection of your love towards them. It’s their efforts that make you recover from all your aches. Still, if you are unsure, you can check the following points and be sure that just like them, you also cannot live without them.

  1. Their very presence is the solution to most of your miseries and problems. Do they perform any special activity when you are damn upset? No, but still you cheer up if they are around and this is the magic.


  1. You are addicted to something like eating chocolate ice-cream when you are having a headache and it took ages for you make them understand why you do so? There are many other things which you do out of addiction and they never mind it.


  1. You do everything with them, seriously? You won’t even get out of your house without them (at least when they’re around) so imagine the wild things you’d want to do and the only person you can think of doing it with is he/she.


  1. They have keys to almost everything that belongs to you – house, room, treasure box and ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. This also means that they have a direct access to your life. And their absence would make you feel incomplete.


  1. The most embarrassing situations you have ever been are known to them. Because not only they are good listeners but they are good at solving them and calming you down.


  1. They know a little to a lot about you. They know exactly within what time you would react to a certain thing. And that’s why you just love them.


  1. You laugh with them when you’re supposed to be serious because you can’t stop yourself. Be it a class or meeting, if they’re around, they’ll be ready to crack you up at any point of the day. It’s difficult to be serious around them but that’s the fun part of your relationship. They are the best medicine for all your worries.


  1. Even when you are in a tough time, these people or only the one BFF makes you feel strong and grounded at the same time.


  1. You plan your wedding and its nitty-gritty details only with this person. And also the food menu and the wedding decoration and as well as the dress is determined by this person.


  1. They are always in your topmost priority list and in odd hours also you don’t mind to pick up his/her call just because you cannot imagine your life without this person.


  1. Do you want to see this persons face with the morning tea and coffee? This means that you would never ever be apart from this person as the morning meeting sets your day ok.


Skadoosh guys!

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