9 Stupid Things Bollywood Taught Us That Are WRONG!

By- Shreya Sharma

Bollywood is one great teacher. Our movies are not just about romance, some of them have also a great social value. But then majorly what we learn from these movies is about the perfect dating ideas, some fashion and makeup tips and also some tips that are not worth learning. Here are 9 stupid things Bollywood taught us that are wrong.

  1. Saying “I Love You” is not tough

Really? I do not think there would be any person who would not have freaked out saying this for the first time to someone because you have no clue what is coming your way.


  1. A girl can change a boy

In reality, she realizes she was stupid enough to fall for the wrong guy.

  1. A bad boy becomes gentleman after falling in love with a good girl

No, because you never know what he is up to.

  1. Your boyfriend will fight the goons for you

If he is a true gentleman, he will smart talk a way out of the situation because probably he is also scared of them.


  1. A guy’s never ending efforts will make a girl accept his proposal

In reality, a girl will think of such person as a stalker and will probably block him on all social platforms.

  1. Couple sacrifices everything to be with the one they love

Sacrificing is never peaceful because then couples taunt each other, reminding them about the sacrifices they made.

  1. Background songs describe your feelings

There is no background sound in real life. We just over think!


  1. Patch-ups are easy

In reality, he is probably over you and partying around and hitting on other girls.

  1. It is okay to let them miss their flight to confess your love

In reality, you will prefer to call them or text them regarding your feelings because you know how expensive flights are.


Source –  Tumblr

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