19 Sweet And Simple Signs That He Is Your *Forever* Person!

By- Shreya Sharma

Confused if the guy you are dating is your forever person or you are just investing your emotions and time with a wrong person? You need to relax and just look for some signs that can help you solve your confusion. Here are 19 sweet and simple signs that he is your forever person.

1. You have a great chemistry between you two and you feel relaxed enough to appreciate this feeling. You instinct say that it will not go anywhere.


2. You can be anything to each other; best friends, mentor, partners in crime, therapist, comedian, your favorite go-to person and the person you feel relaxed around.

3. Their presence does not make your heart race and your palms sweat.

4. When you are with them, you feel peace, your anxiety level drops and your mind relaxes.


5. They know how to make you feel loved by dropping little notes in your bag or buying you your favorite snack.

6. There is no formality between you two; you do not have to be ‘on’ or ‘in happy mood’ around them always. You can be yourself.

7. You get excited about the things that they are excited for and that make them happy.


8. Whenever you imagine your future, they are there and this seems natural and perfect to you.

9. The silence between you two feels comfortable and companionable, just the way you always wanted.

10. You feel as close to each other even sitting silently in the room doing your own work as going out on fancy dates.


11. Their opinion matters to you the most and thus you seek their opinion often.

12. You put your phone aside and talk with them while having your meal.

13. You cannot help yourself talking about them with people and bringing their stories into your conversation.


14. You would make selfless choices if it is good for your relationship.

15. You are confident that you have your own identity and individual life outside your relationship.

16. You have better sleep when they are with you even if you both are not cuddling.


17. They can make you laugh by doing silly things that would have otherwise make your eyes roll.

18. When they have a tough day, you feel an odd sense of enjoyment in doing little things that will make their life easier.

19. You know they will be by your side every step you make.


Source –  Tumblr

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