17 Things Do not Matter When You Are Crazy In Love!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are in love, all that matters is your boyfriend and happiness. You do not care about how he looks, how he behaves, how he talks, walks or where he is from. All that matters is that you are happy with him and you want to be with him for the most of your time. Here are 17 things that do not matter when you are crazy in love.

  1. The money he makes

All that matters is that you both can survive on your combined paycheck. True, he needs not to be rich to make you feel good.


  1. The place where he lives

When you really love someone, distance does not matter. You can make a long distance relationship work when you really love him.

  1. His age

After all, age is just a number. Your age difference does not really matter.

  1. Your parents opinion about him

You will want your parent’s approval, but you are in love and you can date anyone.


  1. His height

We all dream of a tall boy who will lean down to kiss us. But when we are in love, we are not really concerned about his height.

  1. His weight

We want a guy with abs, but when we are in love, it does not matter if he is overweight or underweight; all that matters is that he is healthy to live with us.

  1. His past

It does not matter how many girlfriends he had or with how many women he slept in his past. You want to be the girl who he sleeps with for his entire life.


  1. Music taste

You may like to find someone who has similar music taste as yours, but when you are in love, you will not mind if he has a completely different taste in music.

  1. His education

When you are in love, you will not judge if he did not even finish his high school. All you know is he is smart in his own way.

  1. His family

As long as you can handle things together, it does not matter if his family loves you or your family loves him.


  1. His job

When you love someone, you will not be concerned about his job. You will be proud of him anyway.

  1. His skin color

This is though good sign because you should not discriminate people on the basis of their skin color. Your relationship should not be affected by this.

  1. Gender

As long as you are happy, gender does not matter. You can love a boy or a girl. It is all up to you.


  1. His pet

You might hate the idea of pets, but if your man has a few, you will learn to love them or deal with them.

  1. His grammar

We all turn into teacher when someone uses horrible grammar or write atrocious spellings. But when in love, this really does not matter.

  1. His family background

It does not matter if he is raised by rich parents or not. Love is blind and you will love him no matter what.

  1. His hobbies

All that matters is his happiness. You will not mind if he plays all time, even when you dislike the PS2 game.


Source –  Tumblr

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