15 Catchy Songs Your Weekend Playlist Needs!

By- Shreya Sharma

We do not mind listening to Hindi, Punjabi, English songs on loop. We can try any song, it just needs to catch our attention. As we inch closer to the weekend, you will definitely require a playlist to get yourself pumped up for the good times. We are here to help you prepare your weekend playlist.

  1. ‘Gangnam Style’
  1. ‘Lean on’
  1. ‘Sharabi’
  1. ‘Hai apna dil toh awaara’
  1. ‘Wakhra swag’
  1. ‘Heart attack’
  1. ‘Kaala Chashma’
  1. ‘Naachange saari raat’
  1. ‘Maps’
  1. ‘Half window down’
  1. ‘The monster’
  1. ‘Dil cheez tujhe de di’
  1. ‘Kar gayi chull’
  1. ‘Let’s nacho’
  1. ‘Paanch taara’

Source : youtube

Skadoosh Guys!

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