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15 Things That Are WAY Better Than Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being single is like having a fun party and amazing life on your own. But once in a while we all strike up with the idea of having a boyfriend. After all it is like having a plus one for every event, someone to share your food and gossips with, and someone who is our support system during tough times. But being single is sometimes more awesome than having a boyfriend because it is less of drama and more of independence and flirt and parties and fun. Here are 15 things that are way better than boyfriend.

  1. Office trips

Going on office or work trips and travelling places is like an added advantage which one should never take for granted. Enjoy your job and if this is what you wanted to do, you will be overjoyed mingling work and travelling together. You are lucky enough to go on work trips.


  1. Your dream job

You can have a boyfriend and dream job together but it is sometimes difficult to make a perfect balance between both. It is important that you figure out what you want in life and get into your dream job before you get into a serious relationship. This will make you feel confident and this will even add more to your relationship.

  1. The boss that loves you

You are not of those who speak mean words for their boss. Your boss is super awesome; he adores you, gives you awesome opportunities and has your back. It is like having a greatest life perk. They respect you and your talent and you are happy about this.

  1. The forever Best Friend

Having a true BFF is the lifetime perk and better than having a boyfriend. You are the luckiest person if you have a friend who is there by your side in every situation and you can always text them when you go through something serious. Looking for a BFF is far better than looking for a boyfriend.


  1. Having your own house

This is one big achievement to move into your own apartment. It will be a situation of your house, your rules. You need not to share it with someone. You can cook when you want, watch what you want and stay in your house in whatever way you want. It will be so much of freedom and that is better than having a boyfriend.

  1. Living in an awesome city

If you have always lived in a small city, that has less of attraction, you will be fascinated with the idea of moving to a super cool city. It will enrich your life so much; you will have more variety for everything be it theatres, restaurants or amusement parks. If you are comfortable with that place, that is the best perk of life.

  1. Knowing who you are

You know who you are and you need not to pretend like someone else. You are confident and secure. You are comfortable with yourself. You are not of those who change themselves and run behind guys to go on a date. You know you will find someone who will accept you the way you are. And knowing yourself is the best perk.

i know

  1. Having a dishwasher or laundry

Sometimes small things are enough to fill your life with happiness. These are totally better than having a bad boyfriend. This is going to help you with your much boring and hated household chore. You will not be having dirty clothes and dishes left over and it is totally better than having a bad boyfriend.

  1. Cool parents

Having the coolest parents is the best thing. They are your constant support, they are there with you to enjoy, they do not restrict you, they are happy with what you are doing in your life and you do not have to answer them for everything you do. They are quite cool and supportive. They do not lecture you about things and your friends say “you are lucky to have such cool parents”. This is definitely better than having a boyfriend.

  1. Family support

This is super important. You will be pissed off if you know what you want, you have that career opportunity and your parents do not allow you. You have the greatest perk if you have supportive parents who allow you to do whatever you want. Family that always supports you and boosts your confidence is better than having a boyfriend.

family hug

  1. Money to travel

Travelling is one of the best experiences in life. It adds more to your experience, memories and you know so much about culture. You are lucky enough that you have money to travel across the places rather than sitting at home and scanning people’s Facebook account and regretting not to travel. Travelling is better than having a boyfriend.

  1. Not being obsessed with phone

When you are in a relationship, you are obsessed with your phone. You always have a constant eye at your phone because you have to text and call and make sure that you do not have a message unanswered. You have to tell one another about your day. And sometimes it even leads to fights. When you are single, you do not have to obsess over your phone.

  1. Being healthy

There are people, who are worried that they look fat and some who feel they are too skinny and need to gain weight. They have to go through so much. But here you are fit and healthy, maintaining your healthy lifestyle with healthy eating and regular exercise.


  1. Things to look forward to

We always want our life to be moving in a positive direction. It is really awesome when you always have something to look forward to, be it your friend’s birthday, a trip or office meeting. Having a busy life and things to look forward is better than having a boyfriend.

  1. Good hair

If you have good hair you have been blessed, and that’s worth more than a boyfriend any day of the week. Or maybe this is totally and completely serious. After all, having good hair is a pretty great thing. If you have the worst hair ever, then you already know how much time and money and energy you have wasted trying to tame this beast.


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