First Time Naked With Bae? 7 Fears We All Have!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being naked with your man for the first time gives all of us major insecurities. Even if you have been naked before, but the first time naked with someone new is sure to bring in some fear. When you are naked, you are revealing your true self. You do not have push-up bras to make your breasts look fuller or high-waist jeggings to make your tummy look flat and we wonder what they will think about us. There are so many unfaltering angles, shapes, scents and other things to deal with that make us worry more. It is normal to get nervous when it is the first time naked with your man. Here are 7 fears we all have when we are naked for the first time with our bae.

  1. You lady garden

The first fear when you get naked is about how your partner deals with pubic hair; does he hate pubic hair or is he comfortable if you have them. Everybody has a preference when it comes to pubic hair if they like it trimmed, waxed or full grown. It is better to be cleaned up below the belt. Do not go with the full bush, trim down your bush to an appropriate length.


  1. About weight

When you get naked for the first time with your partner you work with your weight and the angle that will make you look slim. Your first time should be crackling, so you should not worry about your lumps and bumps. Nobody has a perfect body, not even your partner. So do not worry about your weight and have a time you will want to have again in future.

  1. The size of his member

This is what men are concerned about. They are concerned with what their partner is going to think about their penis size. If your man knows how to use it and how to make you cum, the size of the penis does not really matter.

  1. Boob size

Girls are afraid to reveal their actual boob size. Natural boobs are rarely perfect round and there is a wide variety of nipples. Man love boobs and that’s all matters. Whatever be your size, you need not be afraid.


  1. Stretch marks and cellulite

Stretch marks are the normal part of pregnancy and puberty. You can have these marks even when you lose or weight gain frequently. There is nothing to be ashamed of it and both man and woman have it. People also have cellulite. If the person is concerned about the line or bumps on your body, it is better not to date them.

  1. The way your vagina looks

Vagina lips are varied and unique. Many people are worried about how their vagina, particularly vulva looks. Some are worried that their vagina does not look puffy and young and their inner lips swallow the outer ones. You need not worry because your man is happy that he got to see you this way.

  1. Comparison of body

When it comes to our body, we have this awful habit of comparing it to literally everyone: models, Instagrammers, celebs, and exes. Your life is not going to get any easier if you’re wondering if your man’s ex-girlfriend had a flatter stomach than you do.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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