Indian Superstitions And Actual Logic Behind Them!

We are a land of superstitions. Even after entering the 21st century, we are stuck with those age old superstitions. We want to use the latest technology but do not want to unfollow those “aandhvishwas”. It all had some logic behind it, which turned into superstition because of its continuing practice. We help you know the Indian superstitions and logic behind them.

  1. A cat crossing your path

We are scared with the sight of a cat crossing our path. We wait for someone else to cross it first.

Logic- In old days people used to travel by carts that were pulled by animals.When passing through forests at night, the carriage animals used to get scared and act chaotic when they sensed wild cats such as leopards, cheetahs, and tigers crossing their path. The travelers warned others not to proceed when a cat passes their path.

  1. A girl should not do certain things while menstruating

We all have heard and faced our elders asking us not to step inside the kitchen or to touch the pickle etc.

Logic- This was so that the women can rest in those days. Earlier there were no medicines to get through the pain. The five stressful days of menstruation with cramps and pain for many women were dealt with home remedies. Probably women did not work during those days because of discomfort and slowly this became a ritual and then a superstition.

  1. Bath after attending a funeral ceremony

We know our elders ask our fathers and brothers to have a bath after attending a funeral ceremony. It has become like a ritual in every house.

Logic- Our ancestors did not have vaccination against contagious diseases. Hence, they came up with a set of rituals to be followed after the funeral ceremony is performed so as to prevent infection from the dead body.

  1. The family of a dead person should not cook food for 13 days

When someone dies in our house, we are told not to cook food for 13 days to prevent the burning of the soul of the deceased.

Logic- This practice may have been started to provide rest to the family of the deceased for mourning, to help them cope with the death of a loved one. Giving them time to cope and rest.

  1. Do not cut nails after sunset

We all have heard “arey raat ko nails mat kaato, acha nhi maana jata.”

Logic- Nail cutters were sharp blades which required light to be used as in the absence of light, one could get hurt. Hence there was a tradition of using them during the day.

  1. Eating curd and sugar for good luck

The daily soaps and bollywood movies use this tradition the most. Even in our house ewe have seen our mother or elders asking us to eat dahi cheeni for good luck.

Logic- The curd has a cooling effect on the stomach whereas the sugar which is added in generous quantities, provides instant glucose. This combination is indispensable for Indian climate and so its consumption slowly linked itself to good luck.

  1. Do not wash your head on certain days

You must have heard people saying not to wash your head on tuesdays and thursdays; even your friends would have advised you to follow this.

Logic- This was done for Saving water The practice of not washing the hair on certain days like Tuesday or Thursday are some water management practices.

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