8 Things guys understands about having a girl best friend !

Remember the days when you had your own gang in school or college and boys would talk about girls all the time and also how to go and approach them for friendship? Well ever thought what is going to happen if a girl really becomes their friend or best friend? What are the changes that will take place in their life? Well here are some of the influences that take place in a guy’s life when he has a best friend who is a girl.

  1. No indifferent feeling while talking

Few boys who are abandoned from the influence of girls in their life, feel strangely awkward while talking to any girl. They tend to behave absurd and cheesy when a girl talks to them or when they try to talk to a girl. This does not happen to a person who has a girl as his best friend. He feels absolutely normal and makes the person he is talking feel comfortable too.


  1. They understand girls well

Spending time with girls and talking to them gives them an insight of their life and mind set. They get to know what girls like and what don’t. It therefore helps you to be careful and cautious while you talk to any girl and prevent themselves from offending them at any point.


  1. They learn to provide space to your girlfriend

Having a girl as a best friend helps them to understand the fact that even they need their own space. Eventually they start learning to provide enough amount of space to their girlfriend or any other close friend who is a girl which increases their self-respect in their eyes too.


  1. Mannerism

This is one of the first things that you acquire when guys make a best friend who is a girl. They start learning good manners to impress her even if she is a friend. They try everything to portrait themselves as well mannered before a girl. They even avoid using foul language or bizarre tone of speaking when they talk to girls.


  1. Standpoint

When guys are with their gang they usually start assuming and discussing wrong things about girls and when there is no one to correct hem, they start believing in those false facts with time. Having a friend who is girl helps them understand girls well and eventually changes their prejudices and perspective.


  1. Nick names

There is no way they can escape from having a really funny and awkward nick names that girls are going to give them and call them by that name no matter wherever they are and whosoever they are with. The interesting thing is it is two way traffic, they are suppose to give girls back a nick name too.


  1. Verbal fight

If a girl is their friend they are going to be expert in verbal fights. She is never going to fight with them physically and that is a proven fact. Instead she is going to use her verbal skills to bang on guys. As a result guys will grasp whatever is needed to win over a verbal battle.


  1. Start appreciating small pleasures of life

Most boys usually avoid or ignore the small happy moments and pleasures of life while it is contrary in case of girls. Girls know how to enjoy and appreciate these small happy things and if a girl is their friend she is going to teach them this skill as well.


These are the few things that every guy experience when their best friend is a girl.

Skadoosh guys!

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