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15 Reasons Dogs Will Always Be Better Than Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

Dogs are woman’s best friend and the best companion one can have. If you are single, it is better to look for a dog rather than a boyfriend because your pet comes with perks that your boyfriend might lack. Dating can be painful and exhausting but having a dog is bliss. I being a dog lover, crave to have him around me to cuddle up and play with him. For singles or people dealing with the breakup, the best thing that can happen to you is a dog. Here are 15 reasons dogs will always be better than the boyfriend.

  1. No judgment

Dogs do not care if you are in your faded rugged clothes or if you are all dressed up. They will never judge you if your hair is messed up or your makeup is not on fleek. They will still wag their tail at the sight of you.


  1. They will like you the way you are

Your dog will never bother or tell you to wear a little more makeup or lose a little weight.

  1. You can train them

It is always easy and fun to train a dog how to handshake and other things than to train a man little basic etiquette like putting back the toilet seat.

  1. Snuggling fun

Dogs are best at snuggling. They are always ready to snuggle up and will never complain about your hair being in their mouth or your body temperature being too hot.


  1. They will never send you embarrassing pics

You will never get an embarrassing pic or text from him that you do not want to see when you are at work.

  1. They will never find you clingy

You can emotionally open up about your feelings with them, and they will never find you being clingy or crazy. This is probably they do not understand, but they will accept you the way you are.

  1. They are excited to see you

You are their favorite person in the world. They appreciate your efforts and wait for you to come back home. They are always excited to see you and cuddle you.


  1. They like you a lot

All the love their heart contains is just for you and you will never have to doubt about their love. The love you even more than they love themselves.

  1. They are loyal

Your dog will always stay by your side and will never cheat on you. This kind of loyalty is hard to find in a man.

  1. They do not want you to text first

They do not have the phone, which means there will be less of drama in your relationship. You just have to walk in the door and they will jump on you to be in your lap.


  1. They have set priorities

Their priorities are simple; food, sleep, toys and YOU. They will always make time for the things they want. They will always love you.

  1. They will not share your secrets

They will never reveal your secrets or gossip about you. They will only brag about you with his friend dogs.

  1. You can laugh with them

When your dog jumps onto random things, you can laugh at this sight, but if your boyfriend does the same, laughing will bring more troubles.


  1. They will never complain

You can pick clothes for him and he will never complain about it. But your man may criticize your taste of clothing and may refuse to wear it.

  1. They will keep creeps away

A creepy guy sometimes may not be afraid of your boyfriend and take it as a challenge, but he will sure run away at the sight of a growling, angry looking dog.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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