19 Silly Things I Think About That Surely Freak Me Out!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our life gives us so many reasons to freak out and to add more it, here is our mind and thoughts that just do not leave any chance to get scared and zoned out. Our mind keeps on wandering here and there and everywhere and brings up issues that we would have neglected otherwise (maybe), but then yes, why? Why do you have to do this with me brain? At a moment we are all happy and hey! Yeah! I am the coolest. And then we get into the zone “what? Do not talk to me for a while”. This confusion too is freaking. Anyway, here are 19 silly things I think about that surely freak me out.

  1. Not having enough money as compared to my friends

I know this is gross and I am not jealous kind of person, but the idea of my friends having more money in their saving account freaks me out and makes me do more work.


  1. Not being able to love as purely as compared to the times when I was teenager

When I was a teenager I was not afraid my whole heart and energy into someone or something. But now the thought of being in love exhausts me.

  1. Living at home forever

This has turned into a nightmare for me. Sure, I have the internet but working from home, scares me that what if I am left at home forever. This makes me save a lot of money and I get to spend time with my loved ones, but this has really turned into a nightmare.

  1. Ex-boyfriend getting married

Even if it has been a while for the breakup, the thought of them getting married is sure to freak out many of us. The older we get, the more the idea of them getting married freaks us out.


  1. Neck wrinkles

The idea of having neck wrinkles is scary. How our face would look, if our neck is covered with the layers of wrinkles. It is better we start to apply moisturizer as preventive.

  1. Not being able to have a baby

You are not even in the age of having babies or not even married, but the thought of not being able to have babies is scary.

  1. Being bad at math

I am one terribly bad person at math and calculator is my only support and strength.


  1. High/low Blood pressure

I have a constant low blood pressure which troubles when it shoots up or down to a big extent.

  1. Not being taken seriously as a writer

I wonder if my writings would be appreciated or not and would get me recognition or not. Will I ever have the respect as given to others who do other jobs?

  1. Being too depressed to enjoy things

There is no on and off button to sadness. And mental illness is hard and tiring. I wonder, one day I will regret being sad.


  1. Liking forever 21 even after being 21 😜

Why the hell this is not forever mid-twenties or thirties? Why will I have to leave it and switching to something else?

  1. Cooking

The idea of cooking is freaking out because I am bad with spices and either over cook things or leave them undercooked.

  1. Never having good sex

Sex is treated as ultimate pleasure and I wonder what if I never reach that ultimate pleasure or what is the actual ultimate pleasure?


  1. People pronouncing my name wrong

This is the most annoying!!

  1. Being asked the ID everywhere

I still remember I was not allowed to enter the movie without showing my ID proof.

  1. Being bad with money 

I am super bad with money. I have no idea how to save and where not to spend. After buying things I realize that I could have saved my money by not spending on this useless thing. Even I have to use a calculator to check if I have been returned back the proper amount of money or not.


  1. Abs and curves!! *Confused*

The idea of losing the curves with age freaks me out, but I am too lazy to exercise and stop eating pizza.

  1. Fewer likes on Instagram posts *Gasp*

This is one weird thing but people younger than me get more likes and followers on Instagram and here I am, worrying about how?

  1. Being attracted to men who are damaged so I can ‘FIX’ them! *Duh*

Is this even a legit thought?


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