15 *Finger* Moves To Bring Yourself To Ecstasy!

By- Shreya Sharma

Learn to please yourself first before you indulge in sex with someone, so that you can direct your man to take you to the world of ecstasy. Not always you have someone to have sex with, and that is when you should know how to finger yourself to satisfy your urges. It is fun to have some solo sex, and if you are oblivious to the way you should do it, here are 15 finger moves to bring yourself to ecstasy.

  1. Wash your hands

Run to your bathroom to wash your hands because it has bacteria that can disturb your vagina. You might be in the heat of the moment, but your vagina is important, so make sure you wash your hands.


  1. Maintain hygiene

Make sure your fingernails are clean as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure your vagina is clean and fresh. Sure, you will not want any infection.

  1. Do not directly start with your vagina

Start by rubbing and squeezing your breasts, suck your fingers and then touch and rub your vagina. Take your time to warm up your body as usually, the woman takes more time to turn on. Explore your body.

  1. Do it in a safe place

Do not masturbate when you have your parents in the next room. Do the act when you are in a safe and relaxing space. Put on some music that turns you on and please yourself.


  1. Add toys

If you are a first timer, it is better to explore your body first. Figure out how to orgasm using your fingers, and after you have mastered it, add toys to your fun. Add vibrators and dildos to increase the fun.

  1. Rub your clit

Do not forget to focus on your clitoris. Move your finger up and down or side-to-side to increase your pleasure.

  1. Slide your finger in

You can now slide one or two fingers inside partially. Bend your fingers in and then rub against your wall creating stimulation. It will make you feel great and you can even hit your g-spot. Work your fingers in a manner that it stimulates you.


  1. Find g-spot

The g-spot is 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina. It is on the front wall with a rough patch. It can give you a more intense orgasm.

  1. Stimulate your g-spot

Once you have found it, play with the speed and build up the friction and it will lead you to orgasm. You might feel a flushed and hot sensation.

  1. Slowly build to orgasm

You need to work to lead to orgasm. Turn yourself on and make yourself wet. Finger yourself rough and remember it takes time.


  1. Do not keep on changing the position

You need to figure out which position helps you achieve an orgasm while fingering. If you feel you are close to orgasm, do not change your position. Frequently switching position will delay your orgasm.

  1. Play with speed

Try different speeds, roughness and positions to see what works for your body.

  1. Work with anus

You can slip one finger into your anus and slide it in and out. You will feel great and horny. Just make sure you have cleaned yourself.


  1. Hit the big O

If you have orgasmed, do not pull out your fingers. Leave it in and it will feel better because pulling it out immediately can make you feel uncomfortable and cause you even.

  1. Post-masturbation

Take some time to just chill out and reflect on how you just fingered yourself.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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