8 Reasons Pisces Are Difficult To Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

Pisces are the most sensitive of all. They wear their heart on sleeves and it is hard for them to handle themselves. It is even hard for a Pisces to understand their own self at times which makes it even harder for others to understand them. Here are 8 reasons Pisces are difficult to understand.

  1. They are indecisive

They are bad with decision making because it is hard for them to even decide where to eat. And then figuring out what to eat is another story of being indecisive. Even making a small decision can take a good long time.


  1. They are the last sign in zodiac

Pisces has a mix of other zodiac characteristics. They are not sure of their identity because there are parts of them that could be linked to other zodiac signs. They have to figure out how they are feeling.

  1. They are open-minded

They want to try new things even if it freaks them out. They do not like to judge people. They know how it feels to be judged and thus they try to make everyone feel okay and indulged. They can be friends with anyone because they want people around them who can have conversations about the world, and see how others think.

  1. They think a lot

They over analyze everything. Even the smallest of the issue turns into a big deal. They have a lot of anxiety. They worry about the same thing for days. They try to keep their mind distracted so that their mind does not replay the situations.


  1. ‘You’ before ‘I’

It is hard for them to say NO to people which at times can be a major setback. Sometimes they give in so much to make others feel okay that they forget to make sure that they are okay too. They care deeply for people and that is why they are more emphatic.

  1. They are introvert

They love to be around people and feel included, but they need their time alone or else they will go crazy. Being introverted does not mean that they are antisocial. It just means that they need time to recharge before they can be around people. They love to be alone as it is calm and peaceful for them. Pisces also find it hard to connect with everyone. They want to talk about life and the world with people. They ask questions that they know will evoke a great response or great story.

  1. They love to help

They will do anything to help people. They want the best for people. They want people to be happy and have things that they deserve. They are always there for their friends and their friends can count on them. They ignore their emotions because they do not have time to deal with it.

  1. They fantasize often

They often zone out. They may pretend that they are paying attention, but their mind will be wandering and later they realize it. They love to think about future. They know what they want and how to get there. They have many goals and then one day they may realize this is not what they want and then they find a new passion.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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