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10 Stages Of Every Long-Distance Relationship You Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all want love in our life. We all want to be loved and to love. But love is a high that can tear us down like nothing else. Once we are in love, nothing else matters; we just blindly follow it. We lose ourselves and life becomes way more beautiful. It is warm and satisfying when we have someone to share everything with. But sometimes when love becomes unbearable, it becomes hard to regain our conscience. Long distance relationships are never easy. Here are 10 stages of every long-distance relationship you know.

  1. The dread stage

This is the time when your long distance relationship is about to start and you dread the idea of being away from your partner. You dread the talk with your partner if he is willing to try long distance relationship. It is hard to say goodbye and thus this is one deciding stage if you want to keep it or not.


  1. The stage of hope

This is when you and your partner are willing to try long distance. You are filled with hope that you can beat the distance and prove people to be wrong. You know the love between you and your partner can deal with space and time.

  1. The stage of stress

This is when you finally start living in different space. You worry when you see your man’s pictures on social media with girls. You worry if he will be tempted by the single girls. If he could not pick up your call, you worry if they are ignoring you on purpose. You will start doubting your hope. You will miss him and you will spend hours stressing about your relationship. This is the time when your partner must win your trust.

  1. The stage of trust

Trust is important in any relationship. You need to build trust in your relationship. You should not just jump to a conclusion if you see your man partying with girls. You should understand that you will not be physically together but this does not mean that you are not an important part of his life. You both should live an independent life. You can build trust with a lot of communication and support.


  1. The stage of habit

Your relationship starts to feel like a habit. Every morning without thinking about it, you will text your partner ‘good morning’ because it has become your daily routine. You cannot be physically together which removes the spontaneity out of your relationship. You both get busy with your life and this way you learn to deal with the hardships that arise from being away from each other.

  1. The stage of comfort

Life is full of ups and downs, but you will be happy that you still have someone who loves you. Your partner becomes a constant part of your life. He is always there for you spiritually and mentally. You can focus on your job without any drama and still can be in a dedicated relationship. When you visit each other, you realize that even holding hands is worth waiting out the distance.

  1. The stage of uncertainty

Nobody can predict future, so it is natural that you will become uncertain from time to time in your long distance relationship. This is when you will wonder why are you deal so much of pain for just one person. You will think if you should hold on to the relationship or should move on. Fights are a part of any relationship and it will make you question your relationship. You have to deal with the core problem so that it does not cause any further harm. If you cannot work it out, it is time you take a break and spend time alone so that you understand what you really want.


  1. The stage of Closure

There comes a stage in your relationship when you are not going rational with your ideas. If you have any regret or doubt about your relationship, your friends and parents may tell you to let go your partner. Maybe your relationship is no more what it used to be, maybe it is causing you more stress. You realize that your relationship is not meant to be, so you end it and move on.

  1. The stage of commitment

If after taking the break, you realize that even after all the stress, heartbreak and pain, you are still committed to your partner and you cannot imagine your life without him, then you have entered the commitment stage. Make the decision on the basis of what feels right for you. Make sure that this what you both want and this is not because of the fear of breakup or being alone. If you commit, this means staying together and trying to make things work.

  1. The stage of forming goals

If you and your SO (significant other) decide to stay together, then you need to set some new goals for your relationship, goals that work for both you and your partner. If marriage and settling down is not something you two want to consider right now, then from short-term goals for the next time you see your SO. If the short-term goals don’t work, then you won’t even have to worry about the long-term. Work in ways that allow both of you to feel more connected to each other. Little things will help solidify the foundation of your relationship and allow you to make new memories together.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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