21 Things Are What LOVE Really Means, It’s Not Only Sex And Kisses!

By- Shreya Sharma

The definition of love has changed completely nowadays. People take it as a free pass to get into bed together and yes! You can show off that you are in the relationship by posting pictures on social media. But is it really what love means? Love is not about what we perceive it now; love is beyond what you can think. If you are of those who wonder what Love really is, you got to know that love is not about big gestures; love is about the small things and feelings which you generally ignore. Here are 21 things that show what love really means and it is not only about sex and kisses!

1. It is that sick feeling you get out of worry when they come home late because your mind tricks you with bad thoughts.


2. It is feeling as nervous as them when they have one big presentation.

3. It is yelling at them when they do stupid things because you know life would be hell if you were supposed to live without each other.

4. It means spending hours and weeks to decide the best gift for him.


5. It means checking the mole and pimple at his back and deciding if he should see any doctor.

6. It is being sleepless the entire night because he is out of town and you are missing his body next to you.

7. It is asking about his day and remembering the name of his co-workers and boss so that it is easy to follow his stories.


8. Calling your man from food joint so that you can buy food for him as well.

9. It is waiting to watch the movie with the one you love, even when everyone around you has seen that or asked you to accompany them.

10. It is waking up early when you can still sleep because your man wakes up early and you want to spend time with him before he leaves for work.


11. It is sharing your problems with them, even when you do not want to talk about it with anyone.

12. It is about not drinking so that you can handle your man.

13. It means picking up the bill because they paid for the meal last time and you do not want to burden him always.


14. It means spending time with his family on weekends, even if it costs you time with your family.

15. It is reminding them to pick up gifts for the occasions like his mother’s birthday or friend’s party.

16. It means keeping your calm even when you are frustrated so that you do not end up hurting them.


17. It is turning down your friend’s invite because you promised to be with your man on that day.

18. It means resisting your craving to eat the last slice of food because you know it is their favorite.

19. It means hugging them even when they are sweaty.


20. It means being where you are exactly meant to be.

21. It means working as a team; being best friends and partner in crime.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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