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13 Things All Men Wishes To Hide From Their Bride To-Be!

By- Shreya Sharma

Whether you have met from the arranged marriage institution or you know each other since a real long time, your guy will not show you his real side and will only project the best out of him. It is not about he is cheating on you, it is about however sweet he may be, he will still hide a few things about him from you. And he will hide these things to make you happy. Here are 13 things all men wishes to hide from their bride to be.

  1. About drinking and smoking

They want to share it with you, but they are scared that you will be angry and start to have second thoughts. So, they will just hide it from you.


  1. Other girls are hot too for them

They appreciate the beauty that surrounds them, but they fear that you will take it in the wrong manner and you will pick a fight.

  1. About the wedding arrangements made by her family that he dislike

The guy, who likes things to be in their own way, may find some faults in the arrangements done by the girl’s family. But he will not say it because they understand it is one sensitive issue.

  1. The leg-pulling can be irritating

Guys need their space; the leg pulling, over-pampering, and closeness sometimes suffocate them.


  1. They never notice what you wear

They will only notice it if your wear a hot pair of lingerie.

  1. They love sports and time with their friend more

He will prefer his sports or his guy gang over knowing your friends or your girl gang.

  1. He cannot remember the names of your best friends

Everyone you introduce is your best friend. So forgive him, if he cannot remember all of their names.


  1. Not meeting or picking up your phone is not bad

They do not think about you all day. But this does not mean that they do not love you enough. They are not as emotional and sensitive as you are.

  1. They do not notice fluctuations in your weight

He will love you, even if he notices the fluctuations in your weight. Guys are simple, so if you do not want to hear the truth, then do not ask him regarding your weight.

  1. They switch off when you talk endlessly

Men are silent observers, so if you keep on talking, they have no other option than switching off.


  1. They are social media addicts

They may tell you that you are being an addict posting pictures and statuses all day, but in reality, they stalk you again and again.

  1. They watch porn

They will never discuss this with you, but they all do.

  1. They try to be romantic for your sake

He might not believe in it, but he will still plan a candlelight dinner for you, accompany you on shopping trips, cook for you and act like a coochie coo.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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