14 Ways To Get Over Someone You Haven’t Even Dated!

By- Shreya Sharma

You saw him; you started liking him and waited for him to notice you. You never approached him but silently prayed for you two to be together. You fall for him so hard that you never gave any other guy any chance to be with you. You just wanted this guy to be in your life, to be your man and one day all your dreams came crashing down when you were told that he has started dating someone else. You were shattered and devastated by this advancement; it is almost like you guys just had a breakup. This is the time to move on because you know nothing will happen now but moving on is never easy. Here are 14 ways to get over someone you have not even dated.

  1. Feel sorry

It is normal to feel sorry for yourself when something sad happens to us. Feel pity for yourself for a short period and vent out every thought you have in your mind. It is better to have these thoughts in the beginning rather than thinking about these thoughts forever.


  1. Do not reply to others

Do not wait for your friends to come and help you out with this situation. Only you can help yourself to get over someone you never dated. You need to put yourself out of your emotions and start doing things for you.

  1. Do not be a stalker

Stalking will only hurt you more. It will only add to your pain, stalking them on Facebook and seeing them happy with someone else.

  1. Cry!

Cry louder as you can. You can cry for a couple of days or weeks so that you do not cry over the same thing again in future. When you are sad and sulking, it is normal and healthy to cry. It is like a therapy which leads you to feel good.


  1. Stop crying then

Crying is not bad, but crying over same reason forever is unproductive. At some point, you have to stop crying. Stop crying on your own when you feel it is right.

  1. You cannot change things

If you are thinking about the things you could have done to change things, understand that you cannot change things. If he chose someone over you, then it is their call and not because you are bad. They have their reasons and you cannot change them.

  1. Say no to texting

If you are trying to deal with your emotions, you need space and for that, you need not text them. Eventually, you will be over it and start talking with them.


  1. Your memory may trick you

You might be thinking of all the good moments, but sometimes your memory tricks you. It alters memories making them seem more fun than they actually are.

  1. You will feel bad

Most of the days waking up will be hard because you will think about why is all this happening to you. This will be one hard time for you. You may want to stay at home and not talk with anyone but this too shall pass.

  1. You will be bored

Initially, you used to spend your time with them; talking, hanging out or stalking, but now since you have decided to distance yourself, you will have a lot of free time. So, make yourself busy by joining some classes or hanging out with friends or anything.


  1. You will constantly think about it

You will think about it every day, about every moment when you laughed together and it will break you up a little more. But you will eventually stop thinking about them and things will slowly fade away.

  1. Accept you never had them

Since you never dated them, you never had them. If they really wanted to be with you, they would have been with you. So, you need to accept this. There are other people out there that will appreciate you and connect with you on a deeper level.


  1. Do not unfriend them from social media

You can, but it will make you stalk them more. You will use your friend’s account to see their recent updates. Silent their notifications, but deleting them will make you go crazy.

  1. You will be jealous

You will feel jealous and frustrated seeing them with someone else. You will spend time thinking about them and the memories you shared


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