Is Your Guy Cheap? 8 Signs That He Is Just Cheap!

By- Shreya Sharma

Ever been in a situation where you go out on a date and your counterpart does not even bother to pay the bill at least for once? It is you only you who is roaming around and paying bills for things, he does not even does the formality to ask you about bill. You might be trapped with a wrong man. How can you tell if your date is just watching his budget or is actually fiscally frigid?  Here are signs that he is just cheap.

  1. He expects you to share the bill

Whenever on date, he expects you to pay the bill. The time when the waiter is all set to appear with the cheque, he starts talking about women empowerment, so as to indicate you about paying for your share of food.

  1. Prefer “FREE” dates!!

If he prefers asking you for dates that will not cost him much, he might be a miser. If all of your dates take place at free concert, park, museum etc. Catch the sign.

  1. Always up with excuse

And when you ask that you are hungry and you both should eat something, he will come up with various excuses like “mujhe toh bhukh nhi hai”, “mai abhi ghar se kha kr hi aaya tha” so that he need not to pay too much.

  1. He forgets his wallet OFTEN!

Forgetting your wallet once or twice is normal, we girls too forget carrying our wallet, but if he always ends up with an excuse that he is not having his wallet, he forgot his wallet or acts to check for his forgotten wallet only when the bill is to be paid, this is one big sign.

  1. He looks for coupons and discounts

If even for date he looks for coupons and discounts, he surely is cheap. We girls love using coupons and discounts but deciding a venue for date that offers you the best discount or coupon is totally gross.

  1. He cares only about price tag

He will buy things looking at the price tag rather than the value. He will opt for a product that is for the cheapest price regardless of its poor quality as it will make him spend less of money.

  1. He won’t pay for parking

He will make you walk an extra mile even if you are late for the movie or it is raining heavily but will not spend money by getting the car parked in the parking.

  1. He talks about money… A LOT!

All the conversations you have revolve around money or ends up with money issues. He even keeps a check on your accounts and ask you not to spend much.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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