11 Things You‘ll Get If You Can’t Decide Whether Want A Boyfriend Or You’re Happy Single!

By- Shreya Sharma

I am single since the day I am born and I have never felt desperate to be in a relationship. I am happy being single because I do not have to rely on someone for my happiness or do not have to think how my decision will affect someone. I do not want to give this freedom and happiness to someone if there is a chance of being mistreated. Being in a relationship is a risk and I am not ready to take this risk. Here are 11 things you will understand if you want a boyfriend or you are happy being single.

  1. Being terrified rather than scared

You might be scared of being hurt, but you are terrified to hurt someone else’s feelings. You always expect the worst outcome out of the relationship. And it is ruining your chance of being close to someone.


  1. You do not want the feeling of settling up

You are never sure if you like someone enough to pursue a relationship with them. It is hard to understand if you are better as friends or if it is worth giving a chance. If you do not try, you will never know. And if it fails, you will blame yourself.

  1. The fear of intimacy

As you start to get close to someone, you start to pull yourself away from them. You might end up giving mixed signals, but in real you are scared of being attached to someone.

  1. You value your alone time more

When you are tired of socializing, you prefer to spend some time with yourself and your thoughts. This does not mean being selfish. Being in the relationship means making more time for your partner and you are not sure if you can do that.


  1. You cannot decide on your feelings

It takes you so long to decide about your feelings and it is wrong to expect someone to wait for you this long. Your uncertainty sometimes gives the wrong impression.

  1. You hate the idea of being in a relationship

It is scary for you to step out of your comfort zone and get into a relationship. Being single everything seems simple and easy whereas being in a relationship is a risky task as things might not work out then.

  1. Relationships are dramatic

Relationships are full of fights and tears. They are unpredictable. You might try to avoid fights but still, there will be problems. This unpredictability is a big fear.


  1. The fear of someone knowing you too well

You fear that as soon as someone gets to know you, they will not wish to be with you any more as they will get to know about your flaws. And it is hard for you to handle this sort of rejection.

  1. The fear of dating wrong person

You are not sure about what you want. You are worried if the person you consider to right turn out to be the wrong one for you. Your feelings for people and situation keep on changing and that is the big struggle for you.

  1. It is hard for you to open up about your feelings

It is hard for you to say ‘I love you’ first because you feel vulnerable. You are afraid that will be judged for your action. You prefer to keep your walls up and high.

  1. Being in almost relationship

You are tired of getting close to someone and expecting things to work in a certain manner when they actually work in the different direction. You are done with almost relationships.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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