16 Perfectly Normal Things That Happen During Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sex is the intimate act that is the special time between the two people in love. Sex has its own skin and health benefits. As fun and enjoyable as it is, it may amaze and embarrass you as well. Do not feel awkward if you make strange sounds or not-so-graceful moves during sex because this is something that happens with everyone. Here are 16 perfectly normal things that happen during sex.

  1. Queefing

This is the sound produced by your vagina which is similar to the sound of the fart. It happens when the air gets pushed out of your vagina. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about. You can either laugh over it or ignore it. And if the feels gross about it, he is too immature for you.


  1. Noses bumping

In the heat of the moment, we all make mistakes even when we are experienced. You should not feel embarrassed if you end up bumping your nose or teeth with him while kissing. Do not feel bad, if your teeth brush him while giving him oral, but do not bite him.

  1. Being stuck in your own clothes

Nowadays, we prefer to wear tight clothing which makes it hard for us to get our clothes off. Do not feel embarrassed if it takes you some time to get your clothes off.

  1. Rolls on tummy

You might be the skinniest person alive, but when you bend your body in a certain position, it will look like you have rolls on your tummy. But your man will not care about it. Even if you are on a little heavy side, this is not the time to weight for your weight. Remember your man loves every inch of your body. You need not feel self-conscious around him.


  1. Hair being on your face

If you have long hair, you might end up getting it into your eyes, your mouth, and his mouth. You need not feel embarrassed because your man might find it sexy. And if you do not like it and it irritates you, you can tie your hair with a hairband.

  1. Sweating

You need not feel embarrassed if you feel sweating and panting after a few minutes of being on top of him. Your man will be angry with you if you ask him to switch position so that you can get some break. He will be happy and will not mind putting extra work as long as he is having sex.

  1. Getting drool all over you

It is normal to get saliva everywhere, especially if you are giving him oral. If the things are too dry, then the friction can be painful for him. You should be happy that your body is creating enough wetness so that he can have a good time.


  1. Things on someone’s genitals

The easiest thing you can do is to get this out of your way first. You can feel embarrassed if he stops going down on you to pick up the toilet paper stuck to your genital or when you go down on him and realize a thread stuck to his genital from his boxers. Pick it away and move on because this is something that happens with everyone.

  1. Crotch burn

If any one of you has something itchy going down there, then you should not be sexual partners. If you do not shave your pubes every day, you may discover burns from prickly pubes growing back that can scratch your partner’s face. Let it go because it happens.

  1. Delayed flow

You might have clean up and later you may realize a strong leakage as you stand up. Clean it up again and laugh it off.


  1. Vaginal dryness

There are women who experience dryness or irritation before or during sex. Lubricate and engage in some foreplay session. If you buy a lubricant, perform a patch test before using it.

  1. To pee or not

Many women experience the need to pee during sex. Unless you have not been to the loo before the act, this is just a sensation heightened in certain positions, internal stimulation or when the G-spot is stimulated. Forget about pee and have fun.

  1. Headache

As the excitement increases, some women may experience a little pain in their neck or head. It is normal. The pain can become sharp around orgasm. Consult a doctor if it is too painful, occurs often and disturbs your sessions.


  1. Vagina expands

The vagina is an elastic organ when expands when you are aroused.

  1. Vaginal lips

They become puffier and change in color too during sex.

  1. A little spot

There might be some bleeding or spotting during rough sex or if there is not enough lubrication. Do not let the spot put a question and a dot to the moment.


Source –  Tumblr

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